Diaspora Communities Bliss Out on Marking New Year at Home

Addis Ababa Ethiopian Diasporas communities have expressed their contentment on Marking New Year at home with families.

This Ethiopian New Year is special for Theresa Ammen who came from United States to celebrate the Ethiopian New Year with her families after 20 years.

This is my first time to celebrate the New Year with my people, my friends and my families, Theresa stated.

She said that I stayed in US for 20 years. Today, I am very happy to celebrate this New Year here in my homeland.

Theresa expressed her exhilaration when all Ethiopians are celebrating the New Year with the spirit of peace, love, forgiveness and reconciliation.

Theresa noted that After 20 years am at home now and we are so happy to come and invest in our country.

We have five companies with my husband with more than 400 employees and now the country is peace and stabile. So, we will bring our investments here by using this opportunity, she said.

Yasmin Amhed Abdullah, who is living in Minnesota, U.S., returned to Ethiopia to celebrate the New Year festivity with his families after 20 years.

Prime Minister Abiy brought changes in the country, she said, adding that such sprit has a remarkable adhesive to the unity of Ethiopia.

She also lauded Premier Abiy's call and efforts for all Ethiopian diasporas communities to return back and celebrate New Year in their homeland.

Other participant who come Norway after five year, said

This New Year is very special for me to come here, Umar Yasin said, who came to Ethiopia to partake the New Year celebrations with his families.

Umer noted that It is the time for all Ethiopia Diasporas communities to come back home and support the development endeavors of their country.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency