Deputy Minister of Information concludes a 3-day meeting in Mogadishu

The Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism of the Federal Government of Somalia, H.E Abdirahman Yusuf Al Adala concluded the consultations on the national media strategy, which was attended by officials from government media, media offices of government agencies, Banadir Regional Government, and independent media in the for the past three days.

The Deputy Minister of Information urged the participants in the meeting to optimally identify societal needs related to positive messages that enhance linking the people with the government.

The Director General of the Ministry, Mr. Abdullah Hayir Duale, pointed out the importance of the meeting in finding a unified strategy for media in public awareness, with a focus on eliminating the Al-Shabaab terrorists, strengthening the people's connection with the government, and increasing public understanding in building the state.

The meeting, which lasted for three days, in the capital, highlighted ways to develop a strategy to direct information in the country, based on the needs of society.

Source: Somali National News Agency