Defense Council Discusses on Institutional Reform

Addis Ababa Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and the Defense Council have discussed issues related to the implementation of the ongoing reform and the composition of the national defense forces.

According to the statement sent to ENA, the defense force is on the right track of the institutional reform particularly on legal frameworks, arrangement, and implementation capacity among others.

The discussion was mainly focused on the implementation level of the reform from the top to the bottom level, achievements gained so far, gaps to be resolved and the next priorities, the statement indicated.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, who is the Commander in-Chief of the Ethiopian Defense Forces, chaired the meeting.

Following the deep appraisal of the ongoing institutional reforms, the Defense Council sets the next prioritized directions to be focused on.

The statement also noted that various capacity building activities are being undertaking to build a well equipped and technologically advanced, self-contained defense force with the latest technologies in maintenance and innovation of technology.

Source: Ethiopia News agency