Cuba Willing to Widen Cooperation with Ethiopia, Says Ambassador Thomas

Cuba wants to expand its relationship with Ethiopia in areas of education, sport, and science and technology, Ambassador Vilma Thomas said.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, Cuba’s Ambassador to Ethiopia Vilma Thomas said the relation between the two countries is good, but needs to be  fostered in various sectors.

Ethiopia and Cuba have been enhancing cooperation in areas of mutual interest to consolidate  bilateral relation.

“We have signed recently a cooperation agreement in health. And we are almost in the last stage of negotiations to conclude agreements in areas like sport and education,” she added.

The ambassador also stated that the countries are working together in science and technology as well as other areas of scientific interest.

Among these is “biotechnology because Cuba has been able to develop many vaccines and treatments that I think can be potential areas of cooperation with Ethiopia.”

According to Ambassador Thomas, the countries have strengthened relations in international forums by supporting each another on issues of mutual interest.

“Cuba is especially very grateful to Ethiopia in its position with regard to the U. S. economic, financial and commercial embargo against Cuba, which has been condemned by the international community at UN and also by the African Union,” she noted.

Recalling the cooperation of the countries in health since 1978, the ambassador pointed out that   Cuban doctors are working in Ethiopia to provide assistance in training and working in the pedagogical side of the profession.

“Despite this, the number of doctors we have in Ethiopia is not as much as it used to be. This, of course, is an area where I think we can widen our cooperation with Ethiopia.”

Ambassador Thomas also expressed the willingness of her country with the highest literacy rate across the world to share its experience in the sector.

This achievement of ours has been even acknowledged by UNESCO and successfully used in many countries of the world, she noted, adding that education is also an area where Ethiopia can benefit from Cuba.

Today marks the 45th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Ethiopia and



Source: Ethiopia News agency