Court Freezes Properties of Companies, Individuals Suspected of Corruption

Addis Ababa ,The Federal Attorney General announced today that a court has frozen the properties of 15 companies and 210 individuals suspected of corruption.

Attorney General Getachew Ambaye told ENA that the companies and individuals whose properties have been frozen are owned by the suspects and their relations.

The companies whose properties are frozen include Aser Construction, Gemshu Construction, TINA Construction, DMC Construction, Yemane Girmay General Contractor, TCT (Trans National Computer Technology), Haisem Engineering PLC, Temanik Trading PLC, and Jing Ling International Trading.

Meanwhile, the number of individuals detained for alleged corrupt practices has reached 54, according to Getachew.

The government has launched crackdown on alleged corrupt officials, businesspersons and brokers since last month.

Since then, 54 individuals including one Member of Parliament are apprehended and facing justice.

Forty-three of the detainees have appeared before court and the court has granted police 14 days to collect additional evidences on the cases.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

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