Council Discuses Russia-Africa Relations

Addis Ababa  The first meeting of the Coordinating Council (CC), established under the Secretariat of the Russia-Africa Partnership Forum, held on Tuesday.

According to Russian Embassy in Addis Ababa, the virtual meeting has discussed about the evolving Russia-Africa relations in accordance with the Sochi Summit.

The topic of discussion includes further progressive development of multidimensional relations with African states in accordance with the decisions of the first Russia-Africa summit, held in Sochi in October 2019.

Issues aimed at consolidating economic cooperation and promoting joint projects on the African continent were points of the discussion.

The discussion has also focused on harmonization of relevant road maps and plans, as well as development of interaction between stakeholders.

Participants noted the growing importance of Africa in international relations and in the world economic system.

Russian Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister, M.L. Bogdanov on the occasion said “our country is aimed at building a qualitatively new interaction with African partners.”

The main task of the Coordinating Council is to identify priority areas of cooperation with Africa and to establish effective interagency coordination, including preparation for the next Russian-African summit scheduled for 2022.


Source: Ethiopia News Agency