Commission to Table Administrative Boundaries, Identity Issues National Research for Discussion Soon

The Administrative Boundaries and Identity Issues Commission announced that it will table the national research works it conducted for discussion with stakeholders across the country soon before submitting the recommendations to the pertinent bodies.

Administrative Boundaries and Identity Issues Commission Chairman, Tassew Gebre told journalists today that the research documents will be submitted for inclusive discussion with stakeholders across the country soon.

More than 70 experts and information collectors from 29 public universities conducted the research starting from June 2019 with a plan to cover 68 Zones and Special Woredas across the country, it was learned.

According to the chairman, the research was carried out in 56 Zones and Special Woredas and it was not possible to conduct field surveys in the remaining 12 due to mainly security issues and lack of collaboration.

Yet, “ it’s very important to catch up with the fact that all desk research works were done for all, and the research was conducted nationally,” Tassew said responding to a question.

The four research documents are identity, self-administration, administrative boundary and legal and policy alternative documents.

The chairman said inclusive discussions will be held with stakeholders across the country, with over 58 zones across the country and more than 5 at federal to collect inputs before the documents are submitted to the pertinent bodies as final recommendations.

The aim of the commission is to submit recommendations to the public, the House of Federation, the House of People’s Representatives and the executive organ through analysis of causes and conflicts which arise in relation to administrative boundary, self-governance and identity issues in participatory, explicit, inclusive and scientific manner.



Source: Ethiopia News Agency

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