Commission Introduces 6 Point Human Rights Agenda to be Implemented During Upcoming Election

( ENA)  The Ethiopian Human Rights Commission today introduced six point human rights agenda that needs to be respected during upcoming general election in Ethiopia.

Ethiopia has been making preparations to conduct general election on June 21, 2021 in which some 46 political parties are contesting.

The six  point human rights agenda for  election 2021 calls the contesting political parties to pledge for concrete human right actions in their manifesto, to commit for the protection of human rights, and ensure gender responsiveness.

Moreover, it also calls the political parties to pledge for legal and policy reform that protects freedom of movement, association, expression and access to information as well as to fully refrain from incitement, hate speech and violence.

The Ethiopian Human Rights Commission Commissioner, Daniel Bekele said on the occasion that introducing the six point agenda to the political parties is very necessary in order to help the political parties to participate in the election in a way that respects  human rights.

He said the agenda will help the election to underway in a peaceful manner and minimize human rights violations that may occur during the post-election period.

Daniel stressed that making human rights issue center of agenda for the election is very crucial in a bid to enable the country holds free election.

According to Daniel, the six point agenda urges the political parties to officially announce and make accountable if there is any human rights abuses are committed by members or supporters of the respective political parties.

He urged the political parties to work towards the effectiveness of the six point agendas.

Deputy Chairperson of the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia Wubshet Bekele said on his part that the Board considers the six point agenda as a very necessary tool to conduct peaceful and democratic election.

He added that the board has been following the effective implementation of human rights during the election process as respecting human rights are among the crucial things in the election process.

The Ethiopian Human Rights Commission issued the six point human rights agenda for election 2021 in last February.


Source: Ethiopia News Agency