Civil Society Organizations Discuss Role in Conducting Peaceful Election

Addis Ababa Representatives of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) held discussion about ways of creating an enabling environment where the organizations and the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) can work together to conduct a peaceful election.

Opening a workshop on the role of CSOs on democratic election today, NEBE Chairperson Birtukan Mideksa said creating an enabling environment for CSOs is crucial to realize free, fair and peaceful election.

CSOs have a positive role to build trust on election through observation and monitoring as they represent the interests of citizens, she said, adding that they also play a crucial role in civic and voter education.

These roles had been underestimated by the government during the past elections, she added. Currently, the government has recognized the role of CSOs in election.

Today's workshop is the first step to enhance the engagement of the civic society in conquering the challenges, Birtukan stressed.

The chairperson underscored the need to customize civic education for elections, noting that civic education was not more than preaching.

European Union Ambassador to Ethiopia, Johan Borgstam said the ongoing reform creates a fertile ground for civil society organizations to play an indispensable role for economic development and democratization.

We know that the experience in all corners of the world reveals that supporting the rights of civil society to participate in free election has vital role in peace, security and conflict prevention, Borgstam added.

Source: Ethiopia News Agency