City of Addis Ababa to Partner with Investors in Housing Dev’t

Addis Ababa The Addis Ababa City Administration has prepared a framework that would enable investors involve in housing development in the form of public private partnership, Deputy Mayor Takele Uma said.

The Deputy Mayor held discussion with some 500 investors in the city on issues of enhancing volunteerism and cooperation to fairly and equally benefit residents of the city.

Noting that the work done by the government so far was fairly successful, he said it couldn't continue to engage in all sectors due to limited capacity.

The city administration has prepared a legal frame work to involve investors to seek sustained solution in the sector. In this framework you should prepare yourself to work with us especially in housing schemes, he said.

Noting that investors have the capacity to engage in activities that benefit the country and communities, Takele urged them to actively engage in voluntary activities in the coming year to support needy people in their neighborhood.

Though the development programs carried out so far have brought satisfaction for considerable number of residents, a section of them are not still benefiting from the projects.

In this regard, Takele urged the need to address the needs of all sections of the society including the poor, the elderly, youth, women and children and emphasized that the role of the private sector in this issue would be crucial.

Noting that investors are being challenged and hindered from working as their desire due to lack of good governance, Takele said it is not proper to use shortcuts to get something.

The Deputy Mayor, who highlights that his administration is ready to serve investors in a profound manner, said that there should not be any need to trespass legal and acceptable process of doing business but comply with rules and procedures.

Nebiyou Baye head of Culture and Tourism Bureau of the City said that all residents of the city should participate in voluntary activities that would benefit the poor in the coming year.

A glimmer of hope is prevailing in the country and we need to exploit the situation to ease the plight of the poor in the city, Nebiyou added.

Representatives of various organizations who attended the Thursday night event pledged close to 40 million Birr to be committed for voluntary activities and programs in the city.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency