China’s Universities Exhibition Draws Several Visitors of Ethiopian Students

China's Higher Education Exhibition which was held on Sunday in Addis Ababa has attracted the attention of massive visitors of Ethiopian students.

The exhibition which attracted 31 renowned Chinese universities including Peking University will offer scholarship opportunities to study in China universities.

Speaking at the event, Chinese Ambassador to Ethiopia, Tan Jian said the scholarship will contribute in deepening people to people relations between China and Ethiopia, mentioning sound development ties of both countries.

The exhibition is a platform for Ethiopia students to get accurate information about Chinese universities pertinent to their field of studies, he noted.

I hope the students will be able to study in China, and they expect to contribute to Ethiopia's development and Ethiopia-China relations, serve as a bridge of our two people's relations and enjoys of friendship, he stated.

The ambassador reaffirmed that China is committed to sustain its support for Ethiopia educational sector and human resources development.

Ambassador said Jian said human resource development is an important component in our Belt and Road Initiative.

Minister of Science and Higher Education, Hirut Woldemariam said on her part that the exhibition would demonstrate the way forward the cooperation between China and Ethiopia in human capacity building.

She commended the government of China for its commitment in offering scholarships for Ethiopian students.

More than 400 Ethiopian students get scholarships to study in China every year and the number has been increasing in recent times, it was indicated.

Since 2015, the China government has been providing around 10,000 scholarships to African countries each year.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency