Media Reports Ethiopia Is Shutting Schools for War Far from the Truth: GCS State Minister

The reports of some international media that Ethiopia is going to close secondary schools for one week to support the ongoing war in the country is far from the truth, according to Government Communication Service (GCS).   Briefing journalists today, GCS State Minister Selamawit Kassa said the reports that secondary schools in Ethiopia are going […]

CREI Holds 18th In-Campus Seminar

Ethiopian Civil Service University, Center for Research in Ethics and Integrity (CREI) held its 18th In-campus Seminar on 30th November 2021, at Hidasse  Hall. The seminar was held under the theme of “Ethiopian Diplomacy and the Great Renaissance Dam: What Should We Do as Scholars?” The speaker in the seminar Ambassador Ibrahim Idris, Boundary and […]

Addis Ababa University Community Holds Silent Protest in Front of US Embassy

Members of the Addis Ababa University community held today a silent protest in front of the US Embassy to express their concern about the intervention of Westerners in the internal affairs of the country and the undue pressure on Ethiopia. The protesters drawn from the University Senate, teaching staff, employees of the university as well […]

University of Gondar Revokes Eleni Gabremahin’s Honorary Doctorates

The University of Gondar canceled Dr. Eleni Gabremadhin’s Honorary Degree of Humane Letters (DHLitt) because of her latest acts that are counter to the mission and vision of the institution. The university in its latest statement said Eleni received an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Gondar, a first in its 59 year history. The […]

AAU Centre for Human Rights Launches Training on the IDPs’ Privileges

Addis Ababa University (AAU) Centre for Human Rights launched a five-days long intensive training on the rights of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) at Sarem International Hotel since November 22, 2021. Fasil Mulatu (PhD), a head at Centre for Human Rights, in his opening speech said that the reason for the current need for training on […]

Students of AAU Hold Competition on Ethical Issues

Regular, undergraduate students from different colleges of Addis Ababa University (AAU) took a Question and Answer completion focused on Ethics and Anti-Corruption activities at Nelson Mandela Hall today, 29th of November 2021. Directorate of Ethics and Anti-corruption of AAU in collaboration with the Commission of Federal Ethics and Anti-Corruption held the program with an objective of […]

Terrorist TPLF Throws over 1 Million Students Out of School in Amhara Region Alone: GCE

Some 1.2 million students are out of school and about 47,000 teachers out of job in the Amhara region due to the invasion of the terrorist TPLF group, according to Government Communication Service (GCE).   Briefing journalists today, Government Communication Service State Minister Selamawit Kassa  disclosed that close to 1.2 million students are out of […]

AAU Forwards a Statement on Current National Issues

Members of Addis Ababa University (AAU) community discussed the current situation in Ethiopia and presented a joint statement at Mandela Hall today, 26th of November 2021. Professor Tassew Woldehanna, the President for the AAU, read the statement as follows: AAU with opening the door to knowledge, there is no Ethiopian or Ethiopian-born scholar or professor who […]