Presidente Lula participará do FII PRIORITY Rio de Janeiro Summit no Copacabana Palace na quarta-feira 12 de junho

FII PRIORITY Rio Press Release Image
FII Institute is honoured to announce that Brazil’s President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva will speak at the inaugural Latin America FII PRIORITY Summit in Rio de Janeiro on 12 June, marking a significant milestone for the summit.

RIO DE JANEIRO, June 10, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — O Instituto FII tem a honra de anunciar que o presidente do Brasil, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, falará na cúpula inaugural do FII PRIORITY da América Latina no Rio de Janeiro em 12 de junho, um marco significativo para o evento. Sua presença reforça o papel do Brasil na formação do futuro do investimento global e da sustentabilidade.

O presidente Lula, que estará acompanhado por representantes do governo brasileiro e latino-americano, reconhece a importância do FII PRIORITY Rio em abordar prioridades globais essenciais e promover oportunidades de investimento.

“Estamos profundamente honrados pela decisão do presidente Lula de se juntar a nós”, disse Richard Attias, CEO do Instituto FII. “Como líder global, sua liderança e visão enriquecerão enormemente nossas discussões e iniciativas. O tema da nossa cúpula, ‘Investir na Dignidade’, foi inspirado pela visão do presidente Lula.”

O FII PRIORITY Rio de Janeiro Summit acontecerá no Copacabana Palace de 11 a 13 de junho de 2024, apresentando um programa diversificado com líderes de renome mundial e discussões críticas sobre questões globais.

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Sobre o FII Institute
O Future Investment Initiative (FII) Institute é uma fundação global sem fins lucrativos movida por dados, com um braço de investimento focado em iniciativas impactantes para a humanidade. Através de seus Encontros PRIORITY, o instituto reúne grandes mentes para fomentar a inovação e soluções sustentáveis em todo o mundo.

Mais informações sobre o evento do Rio de Janeiro e edições anteriores, podem ser encontradas AQUI!

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Quantexa Debuts Q Assist, New Context Aware Generative AI Technology Suite

New AI advancements are helping industry leaders get data ready for AI and make impact

Q Assist, New Context Aware Generative AI Technology Suite from Quantexa
Q Assist, a context aware generative AI technology suite to help organizations augment trusted decision-making across teams of front-line and information workers
  • HSBC is among several industry leaders participating in Quantexa’s Lighthouse Program for early adopters
  • HSBC anticipates that streamlining of analysis and acceleration of processes could lead to significant productivity gains within the first year of deployment
  • Q Assist combines Quantexa’s Decision Intelligence Platform and Generative AI to augment decisions for sales, customer service, and compliance teams in financial services, TMT, and government agencies

LONDON, June 10, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — This Monday, on the Centre Stage at London Tech Week 2024Quantexa, the global leader in Decision Intelligence (DI) solutions for the public and private sectors debuted Q Assist, a context aware generative AI technology suite to help organizations augment trusted decision-making across teams of frontline and information workers. The announcement demonstrates progress against the company’s platform innovation roadmap and comes nearly a year after Quantexa detailed a significant investment in the global artificial intelligence (AI) industry and previewed Q Assist as a stand-alone LLM agnostic copilot.

With the new Q Assist Technology Suite, Quantexa customers will be able to operationalize generative AI for transformational gains without significant investment in infrastructure, tooling, and additional skilled resources.

Frontline and information workers can leverage the power of copilots, linked data, Quantexa’s knowledge graph capability, and other Decision Intelligence Platform features to enhance the accuracy and reliability of generative AI models that interact with all data (structured and unstructured), context, and insight across their organization. Combining LLMs with the rich context within Quantexa’s Decision Intelligence Platform enables a better understanding of data, safely grounds responses, increases performance and trust, and ensures teams have the most accurate, up-to-date information in a single place.

Q Assist, a context aware generative AI technology suite to help organizations augment trusted decision-making across teams of front-line and information workersFind out what Q Assist is and how it works with Quantexa’s Decision Intelligence Platform.
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Helping Customers Succeed in the Era of AI
HSBC is one of the organizations currently participating in the Lighthouse Program for early adopters. Each organization in the program envisions using Q Assist in several ways, including:

  • Streamlining analysis, investigation, and reporting tasks for information and knowledge workers to achieve greater efficiency.
  • Reducing the reliance on data science and operations teams for ad-hoc data requests, giving them time to focus on more strategic tasks.
  • Empowering customer facing teams with access to enriched data and insights they need to increase revenue and enhance customer experiences.
  • Enabling teams across an organization to consistently make trusted decisions that are traceable and accelerate operational process improvement.

BNY Mellon is currently evaluating joining HSBC in Lighthouse effort. Quantexa worked with Lighthouse Program participants to project one-, three-, and five-year benefits from deploying Q Assist within their customer facing, data science, and investigative teams. It found an almost immediate productivity gain across three core areas: time saving and efficiency, new opportunity identification, and increased conversion rates.

HSBC anticipates that democratizing analytics and accelerating processes across these areas could lead to productivity gains within the first year of deployment. The company also expects to free up employee’s time, allowing them to refocus on other strategic tasks.

David Rice, Global Chief Operating Officer, Commercial Banking at HSBC, said: “This new solution has the potential to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of complex tasks such as anti-money laundering investigations and sales strategies by providing trusted data and contextual analytics. The introduction of contextual analytics and innovation will enable HSBC to concentrate our resources more productively and ultimately help our customers.”

Quantexa estimates that a tier one global financial institution with three levels of defense in financial crime and fraud compliance efforts, generating approximately 15k alerts a month, could realize significant efficiencies and cost savings by deploying the Q Assist Generative AI Technology Suite:

  • Over £17M in savings enabled annually by enhancing and automating investigating and reporting processes across financial crime and fraud.

Quantexa’s CTO, Jamie Hutton, said: “Quantexa’s engineering principle of shaping solutions to deliver maximum customer value has allowed our clients to play an integral role in helping to shape the product requirements for Q Assist. Through the company’s Lighthouse Program for early adopters, we have the benefit of working with industry leaders that provide valuable feedback throughout our roadmap process.”

Eric Hirschhorn, Chief Data Officer, BNY Mellon, said: “We are excited to see this continued innovation from Quantexa. Our multi-year collaboration has helped us to break down data silos and unify our data with unprecedented accuracy. The next phase in our innovation efforts will see us exploring the potential of enabling frontline workers across the bank to use Gen AI to act on the data insights confidently and reach new levels of efficiency in the process.”

How the New Q Assist Generative AI Technology Suite Works
Quantexa’s new generative AI technology suite will combine Quantexa’s Decision Intelligence Platform and Generative AI through a new data integration layer, prompt builder, and copilot that accelerates the ability of teams to make critical business decisions.

Q Assist delivers trusted, extensible AI anchored by Quantexa’s Decision Intelligence Platform. This lets non-technical teams benefit from Quantexa’s critical platform capabilities including a connected data foundation, graph analytics, modeling, and scoring to augment and automate decision making. The Q Assist Technology Suite is comprised of three components:

  • Q Assist Integration Layer: the nerve center of Q Assist. It is a framework of tools, connectors, and APIs designed to securely link Quantexa’s Decision Intelligence Platform with LLMs and conversational AI systems right out-of-the-box.
  • Q Assist Prompt Builder: an extensible prompt management and sharing capability that easily integrates with external prompt engineering tools and frameworks, such as Microsoft’s Azure Prompt Flow, Semantic Kernel or AutoGen, to put the power in the hands of administrators to define and control prompts and responses that are grounded in contextual data generated by Quantexa’s Decision Intelligence Platform.
  • Q Assist Copilot: allows users to query large and disparate data via a natural language interface, understand and summarize data, insights, and findings in real-time, and automate research, investigation, and reporting tasks.

Today, the company is making Q Assist Generative AI Technology Suite capabilities available to a limited set of customers, with wider public availability planned for early 2025.

To learn more about how Quantexa is helping organizations get their data ready for AI, or to download the Total Economic Impact™ of Quantexa’s Decision Intelligence Platform by Forrester and start measuring the ROI of Decision Intelligence investments, please visit

About Quantexa
Quantexa is a global AI, data and analytics software company pioneering Decision Intelligence to empower organizations to make trusted operational decisions with data in context. Using the latest advancements in AI, Quantexa’s Decision Intelligence platform helps organizations uncover hidden risk and new opportunities by unifying siloed data and turning it into the most trusted, reusable resource. It solves major challenges across data management, customer intelligence, KYC, financial crime, risk, fraud, and security, throughout the customer lifecycle.

The Quantexa Decision Intelligence Platform enhances operational performance with over 90% more accuracy and 60 times faster analytical model resolution than traditional approaches. An independently commissioned Forrester TEI study on Quantexa’s Decision Intelligence Platform found that customers saw a three-year 228% ROI. Founded in 2016, Quantexa now has more than 700 employees and thousands of platform users working with billions of transactions and data points across the world.

Media Enquiries
C: Stephanie Crisp, Fight or Flight
C: Adam Jaffe, SVP of Corporate Marketing
T : +1 609 502 6889
E :

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e& lidera como a melhor marca empregadora no setor de telecomunicações no Employer Brand Index 2024

  • e& EAU é a principal marca empregadora no setor de telecomunicações no ranking de Brand Finance
  • e& ficou em 16º lugar entre as 20 principais marcas empregadoras em todas as categorias em 16 países
  • A realização reflete a reputação mais ampla dos Emirados Árabes Unidos como um centro global de talentos

LONDRES, June 09, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — e&, o grupo global de tecnologia, alcançou a posição mais alta no primeiro Employer Brand Report 2024 da Brand Finance, com sua unidade dos Emirados Árabes Unidos classificada como a maior empregadora global do setor de telecomunicações.

O grupo também garantiu o 16º lugar entre as 20 principais marcas empregadoras entre as que foram avaliadas nos setores de serviços financeiros, telecomunicações, mídia e tecnologia (TMT), petróleo, gás e energia, serviços profissionais, varejo, automotivo e bens de consumo rápido (FMCG) na África, Ásia, Europa e Estados Unidos.

Ali Al Mansoori, Diretor de Pessoal do Grupo, e&, disse: “Esse reconhecimento como empregador preferencial reflete a incrível dedicação e paixão de nosso pessoal, que é nosso maior patrimônio. Ele também reafirma nosso compromisso de cultivar uma cultura empresarial unificada, na qual todos os colaboradores têm autonomia para pensar de forma diferente, experimentar sem medo e inovar continuamente. No atual cenário em rápida evolução, é mais importante do que nunca contar com uma força de trabalho talentosa.”

David Haigh, CEO da Brand Finance, disse: “As marcas de telecomunicações do Oriente Médio vêm ultrapassando cada vez mais a concorrência europeia e americana como lugares desejáveis para se trabalhar. Isso se deve às oportunidades de carreira e aos empolgantes desenvolvimentos tecnológicos criados pelos investimentos consistentes e de alta qualidade no Oriente Médio.”

Na vanguarda em termos de marca empregadora e desenvolvimento de talentos nos Emirados Árabes Unidos, o grupo alcançou uma pontuação alta em vários quesitos, inclusive como “marca de prestígio”, “visão inspiradora”, “trabalho agradável e gratificante” e “empresa bem administrada e dirigida”. A conquista da e& reflete a reputação geral dos Emirados Árabes Unidos como um centro global de talentos e o destino preferido para pessoas que buscam construir um futuro próspero.

“Na e&, temos o compromisso de equipar nosso pessoal com as habilidades necessárias para transitar e prosperar na era digital. Nossa visão não consiste apenas em acompanhar o ritmo das mudanças, mas em liderá-las. Estamos constituindo uma força de trabalho resiliente e com visão de futuro, capaz de levar nossa empresa e nossa comunidade a patamares mais elevados. Nossa estratégia inclui programas de treinamento completos, parcerias com instituições de ensino e um ambiente que premia a criatividade e o pensamento arrojado. Estamos comprometidos com a criação de oportunidades de crescimento profissional e com o apoio à nossa equipe enquanto ela desenvolve as habilidades tecnológicas e a mentalidade essenciais para o futuro”, acrescentou Al Mansoori.

O primeiro relatório do “Employer Brand Index” apresenta as principais marcas do mundo com tabelas de classificação globais e regionais. O estudo baseado em pesquisa é o primeiro do gênero, medindo as percepções internas e externas das marcas empregadoras de 16 países. O Índice é calculado com base nas respostas de uma pesquisa anônima com o público de vários setores, realizada por meio de painéis on-line independentes.

O Employer Brand Index 2024 da Brand Finance ocorre após a divulgação, em janeiro, da classificação global de marcas, na qual a e& EAU foi classificada como a marca de telecomunicações mais forte do mundo (classificação AAA) e a marca mais forte do Oriente Médio e da África (MEA) em todas as categorias.

A Brand Finance é a principal consultoria mundial de avaliação de marcas. Há mais de 25 anos, a empresa vem preenchendo a lacuna entre marketing e finanças, avaliando a força das marcas e mensurando seu valor financeiro para ajudar empresas de todos os tipos a tomar decisões estratégicas. Todos os anos, a Brand Finance realiza mais de 5.000 avaliações de marcas, respaldadas por pesquisas de mercado originais, e publica mais de 100 relatórios que classificam as marcas em todos os setores e países.

Uma foto que acompanha este anúncio está disponível em

Nancy Sudheer

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e& se classe au premier rang des meilleures marques employeurs dans le secteur des télécommunications dans l’Employer Brand Index 2024

  • L’entité e& des Émirats arabes unis, élue meilleure marque employeur dans le secteur des télécommunications selon le classement Brand Finance
  • e& classée 16e dans le Top 20 des marques employeurs toutes catégories confondues dans 16 pays
  • Cette réussite reflète la réputation plus large des Émirats arabes unis en tant que pôle mondial de talents

LONDRES, 10 juin 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — e&, le groupe technologique mondial, s’est hissé à la première place du tout premier rapport Employer Brand 2024 de Brand Finance grâce à son entité des Émirats arabes unis qui se classe au premier rang mondial des employeurs dans le secteur des télécommunications.

Le groupe a également obtenu la 16e place parmi le Top 20 Employer Brands lors d’une évaluation effectuée au sein des marques employeurs dans les secteurs des services financiers, des télécommunications, des médias et des technologies (TMT), du pétrole, du gaz et de l’énergie, des services professionnels, de la vente au détail, de l’automobile et des produits et biens de grande consommation (PGC) en Afrique, en Asie, en Europe et aux États-Unis.

Ali Al Mansoori, Directeur des Ressources humaines du groupe e&, a déclaré : « Cette reconnaissance en tant qu’employeur de choix reflète l’incroyable dévouement et la passion de nos collaborateurs, qui sont nos meilleurs atouts. Cela réaffirme également notre engagement à favoriser une culture d’entreprise unifiée où chaque employé est encouragé à penser différemment, à expérimenter sans crainte et à innover en continu. Dans le contexte actuel en évolution rapide, il est plus crucial que jamais de disposer d’une main-d’œuvre talentueuse. »

David Haigh, PDG de Brand Finance, a confié : « Les marques de télécommunications du Moyen-Orient dépassent chaque jour un peu plus leurs homologues européennes et américaines si l’on se place du point de vue de l’entreprise où il fait bon travailler. Cela reflète les opportunités de carrière et les développements technologiques passionnants rendus possibles par des investissements constants et de haute qualité réalisés au Moyen-Orient. »

En chef de file des marques employeurs et du développement des talents aux Émirats arabes unis, le groupe a obtenu d’excellents résultats dans plusieurs domaines, notamment en tant que « marque prestigieuse », porteuse d’une « vision inspirante », où le « travail est agréable et gratifiant » et une « entreprise bien gérée et gouvernée ». La réussite de e& reflète la réputation plus large des Émirats arabes unis qui s’affirment en tant que pôle mondial des talents et destination privilégiée pour les personnes qui cherchent à façonner un avenir prospère.

« Chez e&, nous nous engageons à doter notre équipe des compétences nécessaires pour s’adapter et prospérer à l’ère numérique. Notre vision n’est pas seulement de suivre le rythme du changement, mais de l’initier. Nous construisons une main-d’œuvre résiliente et visionnaire, capable de propulser notre entreprise et notre communauté vers les plus hauts sommets. Notre stratégie englobe des programmes de formation complets, des partenariats avec des établissements d’enseignement et un environnement qui récompense la créativité et l’audace intellectuelle. Nous sommes déterminés à créer des opportunités de croissance professionnelle et à soutenir notre équipe dans l’acquisition de compétences technologiques et d’un état d’esprit indispensables pour l’avenir, » a ajouté Al Mansoori.

Le tout premier rapport « Employer Brand Index » met en avant les meilleures marques au monde avec des classements réalisés à l’échelle mondiale et régionale. Cette étude axée sur la recherche, est la première du genre, mesurant les perceptions internes et externes des marques d’employeurs dans 16 pays. L’indice est établi à partir des réponses à une enquête anonyme menée auprès du public dans divers secteurs d’activité au moyen de panels en ligne indépendants.

L’indice Employer Brand 2024 de Brand Finance fait suite à la publication, en janvier dernier, du classement mondial des marques, dans lequel e& UAE a été classée comme la marque de télécommunications la plus forte au niveau mondial (note AAA) et la marque la plus forte au Moyen-Orient et en Afrique (MEA), toutes catégories confondues.

Brand Finance est le premier cabinet de conseil en évaluation de marques au monde. Depuis plus de 25 ans, son objectif est de combler le fossé entre le marketing et la finance en évaluant la force des marques et en quantifiant leur valeur financière afin d’aider les organisations de toutes sortes à prendre des décisions stratégiques. Chaque année, Brand Finance réalise plus de 5 000 évaluations de marques, étayées par des études de marché uniques, et publie plus de 100 rapports classant les marques dans tous les secteurs et tous les pays.

Une photo accompagnant ce communiqué est disponible à l’adresse suivante :

Contact :
Nancy Sudheer

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As 20 melhores universidades de IA formam a primeira turma de Ph.D.

101 formandos impulsionam o ecossistema de IA dos Emirados Árabes Unidos com avanços em pesquisa, desenvolvimento e aplicações comerciais – criando um centro tecnológico de IA do Sul Global

ABU DHABI, Emirados Árabes Unidos, June 08, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Sua Alteza Xeque Khaled bin Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Príncipe Herdeiro de Abu Dhabi e Presidente do Conselho Executivo de Abu Dhabi, participou da cerimônia de formatura de 2024 da Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence (MBZUAI) em 6 de junho, na qual foram diplomados 101 alunos de 22 países, que receberam títulos de pós-graduação nas principais áreas de IA, incluindo visão computacional (CV), aprendizado de máquina (ML) e processamento de linguagem natural (NLP).

O evento também contou com a presença de Sua Excelência o Dr. Sultan bin Ahmed Al Jaber, Ministro da Indústria e Tecnologia Avançada dos Emirados Árabes Unidos e Presidente Fundador do Conselho de Administração da MBZUAI, além de outras autoridades.

“Antes de muitos outros países reconhecerem seu potencial, as políticas lideradas pelo governo incentivaram a expansão da IA nos Emirados Árabes Unidos”, disse o Dr. Al Jaber. “Essas políticas promoveram o sucesso de empresas como a G42 e grandes modelos de linguagem como a Falcon. Consequentemente, esse pequeno país está criando um ecossistema de alto nível para talentos e empreendedorismo em IA. Estamos atraindo grandes investimentos de proeminentes empresas de tecnologia, como a Microsoft, e emergindo como um importante centro de inovação e aplicação de IA.”

O Dr. Al Jaber observou que o crescimento da IA é uma das três megatendências que moldam o futuro, juntamente com o ritmo acelerado da transição energética e a ascensão dos mercados emergentes e do Sul Global: “A crescente experiência da turma de 2024 será fundamental para solucionar alguns dos desafios mais urgentes do mundo. Na verdade, se quisermos atingir as metas ambiciosas do histórico Consenso dos Emirados Árabes Unidos, acordado na COP28 em dezembro em Dubai, a IA deve ter um papel crítico.”

A terceira e maior formatura da MBZUAI celebrou o primeiro Ph.D. da universidade em ML, além de mestres em ML (55), CV (28) e PNL (12), contando com alunos provenientes de países como Emirados Árabes Unidos, Canadá, Reino Unido, França, Índia, Vietnã, Paquistão, Etiópia e Sri Lanka.

O presidente da MBZUAI e professor universitário, Eric Xing, disse: “A turma de 2024 da MBZUAI é composta pelos futuros líderes de tecnologia, inovação e criatividade, e está preparada para aceitar a responsabilidade inerente à administração de algo tão poderoso e transformador. Eles nos deixam com o conhecimento, as habilidades e uma profunda compreensão da oportunidade que têm diante de si – a chance de moldar um futuro em que a IA sirva à humanidade com compaixão e padrões éticos inabaláveis – estão prontos para enfrentar os maiores desafios do mundo atual.”

Cinco anos depois de sua criação, a MBZUAI é hoje reconhecida como uma das 100 melhores universidades do mundo em ciência da computação e está classificada entre as 20 melhores por suas especializações em IA, CV, ML, PNL e robótica (CSRankings).

Para se candidatar à admissão, acesse ou entre em contato com Para comunicação social, entre em contato com:

Amy Rogers, Senior Communications Specialist da MBZUAI

Roger Field/Aya Hassan

Uma foto que acompanha este anúncio está disponível em

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L’université classée parmi les 20 premières dans le domaine de l’IA décerne le diplôme de Ph.D. à sa première promotion

Au total, 101 diplômés dynamisent l’écosystème de recherche, de développement et d’applications commerciales de l’IA aux Émirats arabes unis, créant ainsi un pôle technologique de l’IA dans le Sud global

ABU DHABI, Émirats arabes unis, 08 juin 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Son Altesse Sheikh Khaled bin Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Prince héritier d’Abu Dhabi et Président du Conseil exécutif d’Abu Dhabi, ont assisté le 6 juin à la cérémonie de remise des diplômes 2024 de l’Université Mohamed bin Zayed d’intelligence artificielle (MBZUAI), récompensant 101 diplômés originaires de 22 pays, qui ont obtenu des diplômes de troisième cycle dans des domaines clés de l’IA, notamment la vision artificielle (CV), l’apprentissage automatique (ML) et le traitement du langage naturel (NLP).

Son Excellence Dr Sultan bin Ahmed Al Jaber, ministre de l’Industrie et des technologies avancées des Émirats arabes unis et président fondateur du conseil d’administration du MBZUAI, a également assisté à l’événement, parmi d’autres dignitaires.

« Les politiques gouvernementales ont encouragé la promotion de l’IA aux Émirats arabes unis avant que de nombreux autres pays n’en reconnaissent le potentiel », a déclaré Dr Al Jaber. « Elles ont favorisé le succès d’entreprises comme G42 et de grands modèles de langage comme Falcon, et permis à ce petit pays de créer un écosystème de classe mondiale pour les talents et l’esprit d’entreprise dans le domaine de l’IA. Nous attirons des investissements importants de la part de leaders technologiques tels que Microsoft et devenons un centre important pour l’innovation et l’application de l’IA. »

Dr Al Jaber a souligné que l’essor de l’IA est l’une des trois grandes tendances qui déterminent l’avenir, avec l’accélération du rythme de la transition énergétique et la montée en puissance des marchés émergents et du Sud global : « L’expertise croissante de la promotion 2024 permettra de trouver des solutions aux défis les plus pressants du monde. En effet, si nous voulons atteindre les objectifs ambitieux du consensus historique des Émirats arabes unis adopté lors de la COP28 en décembre à Dubaï, l’IA doit jouer un rôle essentiel. »

À l’occasion de sa troisième et plus grande cérémonie de remise des diplômes, l’université MBZUAI a décerné ses premiers diplômes de doctorat (Ph.D.), ainsi que des maîtrises en apprentissage automatique (55), vision artificielle (28) et traitement du langage naturel (12), aux étudiants originaires de pays tels que les Émirats arabes unis, le Canada, le Royaume-Uni, la France, l’Inde, le Vietnam, le Pakistan, l’Éthiopie et le Sri Lanka.

Eric Xing, Président de MBZUAI et professeur d’université, a ajouté : « La promotion 2024 de MBZUAI comprend les futurs leaders de la technologie, de l’innovation et de la créativité, préparés pour accepter la responsabilité qui accompagne la gestion d’une révolution aussi puissante et transformatrice. Ils nous quittent avec les connaissances, les compétences et une compréhension profonde de l’opportunité qui s’offre à eux, la chance de façonner un avenir où l’IA sert l’humanité avec compassion selon des normes éthiques inébranlables, et ils sont prêts à relever les plus grands défis auxquels notre monde est confronté aujourd’hui. »

Cinq ans après sa création, MBZUAI est aujourd’hui reconnue comme l’une des 100 meilleures universités d’informatique au monde et se classe parmi les 20 premières pour ses spécialisations en IA, CV, ML, NLP et robotique (CSRankings).

Pour présenter une demande d’admission, consultez le site ou contactez Pour les demandes médias, veuillez contacter :

Amy Rogers, Chargée de communication principale de MBZUAI

Roger Field/Aya Hassan

Une photo accompagnant le présent communiqué est disponible sur

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e& leads as the Top Telecoms Employer Brand in Employer Brand Index 2024

Top Telecoms Employer Brand
e& leads as the Top Telecoms Employer Brand
  • e& UAE is the Top Telecoms Employer Brand in Brand Finance rankings
  • e& ranked 16th in the Top 20 employer brands across all categories in 16 countries
  • Achievement reflects the broader reputation of UAE as a global talent hub

LONDON, June 07, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — e&, the global technology group, attained the highest position in Brand Finance’s inaugural Employer Brand Report 2024 with its UAE entity ranking as the Top Global Telecoms Employer.

The group also secured the 16th spot among the Top 20 Employer Brands across measured employer brands across financial services, telco, media, and tech (TMT), oil, gas, and energy, professional services, retail, automotive, and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) in Africa, Asia, Europe, and the United States.

Ali Al Mansoori, Group Chief People Officer, e&, said: “This recognition as an employer of choice reflects the incredible dedication and passion of our people, who are our greatest assets. It also reaffirms our commitment to cultivating a unified company culture where every employee is empowered to think differently, experiment fearlessly, and innovate continuously. In today’s rapidly evolving landscape, having a talented workforce is more critical than ever.”

David Haigh, CEO of Brand Finance, said: “Middle Eastern telecom brands are increasingly overtaking their European and American counterparts as desirable places to work. This reflects the career opportunities and exciting technological developments created by consistent, high-quality investment in the Middle East.”

Leading the way in employer branding and talent development in UAE, the group scored highly across several considerations, including as a ‘prestigious brand,’ an ‘inspiring vision,’ ‘enjoyable and rewarding work,’ and a ‘well-managed and governed company.’ e&’s achievement reflects the broader reputation of the UAE as a global talent hub and the preferred destination for people seeking to shape a prosperous future.

“At e&, we are committed to equipping our team with the skills necessary to navigate and thrive in the digital age. Our vision is not just to keep pace with change, but to lead it. We are building a resilient, forward-thinking workforce capable of driving our company and our community towards greater heights. Our strategy includes comprehensive training programs, partnerships with educational institutions, and an environment that rewards creativity and bold thinking. We are dedicated to creating opportunities for professional growth and supporting our team as they develop the technological skills and mindset essential for the future,” added Al Mansoori.

The inaugural “Employer Brand Index” report showcases the world’s top brands with global and regional league tables. The research-driven study is the first of its kind, measuring internal and external perceptions of employer brands from 16 countries. The Index is derived from responses from an anonymous survey of the public across various industries conducted via independent online panels.

The Brand Finance 2024 Employer Brand Index follows the release in January of the global brand rankings in which e& UAE was rated the strongest telecom brand globally (AAA rating) and the strongest brand in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) across all categories.

Brand Finance is the world’s leading brand valuation consultancy. For more than 25 years, it has been bridging the gap between marketing and finance by evaluating the strength of brands and quantifying their financial value to help organisations of all kinds make strategic decisions. Every year, Brand Finance conducts more than 5,000 brand valuations, supported by original market research, and publishes over 100 reports that rank brands across all sectors and countries.

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