Ethiopia’s Finance Minister Confers with Canadian Minister of Int’l Development

Addis Ababa: Minister of Finance, Ahmed Shide discussed with Ahmed Hussen, Minister of International Development of Canada on the two countries’ economic cooperation.

On the occasion Finance Minister Ahmed appreciated the Government of Canada’s longstanding and consistent support to Ethiopia’s development effort both through bilateral and multilateral level,

He emphasized boosting the two countries’ cooperation taking into consideration the recent development and ongoing reforms of the country.

Ahmed Hussen, on his part, expressed his appreciation for the recent development in Ethiopia and confirmed his country’s support in the major priority areas, including SafetyNet and Peacebuilding activities.

The two sides further discussed a number of points of common interest including bilateral, multilateral, and regional development issues.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

South Sudan, Ethiopia Forge Stronger Economic Ties

Addis Ababa: The Vice President of South Sudan and the Chair of the Infrastructure Cluster Gen. Taban Deng Gai officiated the South Sudan-Ethiopian Business and Investment Seminary, underscoring the deep-rooted relationship between the two countries.

In his opening remarks, Gen. Taban Deng stated that the relationship between South Sudan and Ethiopia dates back to ancient times, with Ethiopia being a steadfast supporter of the Republic of South Sudan.

“The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia has always rendered unwavering support to the Republic of South Sudan, and we are truly grateful for this longstanding friendship,” the Vice President said.

The Vice President went on to highlight the vast opportunities and immense potential that the two sisterly nations have to offer.

He outlined several key areas of investment that present lucrative opportunities for investors, including oil and gas refinery, energy and power citing the potential to supply South Sudan with electricity from the Ethiopian Renaissa
nce Dam.

Roads and bridges as well as telecommunications, including fiber optic networks, air transport, tourism and hospitality, agriculture and railway infrastructure are the potential areas the two nations can cooperate.

“These are just a few of the many areas where we believe investors can thrive and contribute to the continued growth and development of our country,” the Vice President said.

He expressed confidence that this workshop will foster deeper collaboration, strengthen economic ties, and unlock the immense potential that exists between South Sudan and Ethiopia.

“I am confident that through this workshop, we will forge stronger economic ties and unlock the immense potential that exists between our two countries,” the Vice President concluded.

The South Sudan-Ethiopian Business and Investment Workshop is expected to attract leading investors and business leaders from both countries, paving the way for increased trade, investment, and economic cooperation between South Sudan and Ethiopia, accor
ding to Office of South Sudanese Vice President.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

Joining WTO Key Component of Ethiopia’s Economic Reform Agenda: Amb. Mesganu

Addis Ababa: Joining the World Trade Organization (WTO) is a key component of Ethiopia’s Economic Reform Agenda, State Minister of Foreign Affairs Ambassador Mesganu Arga said.

State Minister of Foreign Affairs Ambassador Mesganu Arga had a productive meeting with Director of the WTO Accessions Division, Maika Oshikawa at his office today.

The two officials discussed on better ways of expediting Ethiopia’s accession process to the World Trade Organization.

During the discussion, Ambassador Mesganu reiterated Ethiopia’s government political commitment and readiness to expedite Ethiopia’s accession to the WTO and its desire for the technical negotiations to be completed speedily.

He confirmed that joining the WTO is a pivotal aspect of Ethiopia’s economic reform agenda.

The State Minister highlighted that Ethiopia has passed significant policy amendments and radical decisions in relation to trade and finance sectors that will assist advance the joining process.

He further mentioned Ethiopia, being a major
economic player in Sub-Saharan Africa, would significantly enhance the World Trade Organization’s stature by becoming a member.

Director of the World Trade Organization Accessions Division, Maika Oshikawa on her part noted the secretariat of WTO is providing the required assistance to speed up the accession process that Ethiopia has initiated and pledged to continue the necessary support.

The two officials consulted on detailed technical works related to Ethiopia’s accession progression, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

Premier Says Improving Office Ergonomics, Creating Conducive Environments Priorities

Addis Ababa: Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed stated that Improving office ergonomics and creating conducive environments in government offices have been ongoing priorities.

The premier conducted a brief visit to the Ministry of Urban and Infrastructure Development to observe the initiatives being carried out by the ministry.

‘Today, I conducted a brief visit to the Ministry of Urban and Infrastructure Development to observe the initiatives undertaken within its premises and to gain insights into the urban progress it oversees,’ Abiy shared on social media pages.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

First African Aviation Operations Safety Summit Opened in Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa: The first African Aviation Operations Safety Summit opened today in Addis Ababa under the theme ‘Be the Champion of African Aviation Safety.’

The opening was attended by the CEO of the Ethiopian Airlines Group, Mesfin Tasew, the Secretary General of African Aviation, Abdurrahman Barth, Director-General of the Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority, Getachew Mengiste, and the Executive Director of the Global Foundation for Operational Safety, Hassan Shahwani.

In his speech, the Secretary General of African Aviation, Abdurrahman Barth, stressed the importance of air safety as it is fundamental to African aviation operations.

Ethiopian CEO, Mesfin Tasew explained the importance of advanced technology in the field of aviation and its role in reducing air disasters, noting the importance of training human staff in controlling safety and the necessity of considering it as an institutional culture for the benefit of passengers.

Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority Getachew Mengiste stressed Ethiopia’s com
mitment to air safety standards through Ethiopian Airlines.

He urged all stakeholders in the field of aviation to cooperate and exchange experiences to achieve Abuja’s air safety goals.

It was learned that 20 African countries have achieved international air safety goals, including Ethiopia and South Africa. In 2023, no air accidents were recorded in Africa.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

Foreign State Minister, US Special Envoy Stress Need for Int’l Support for DDR Process

Addis Ababa: State Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Mesganu Arga and Ambassador Mike Hammer, the US Special Envoy for the Horn of Africa met to discuss issues of mutual concern.

Ambassador Mesganu emphasized the need for a renewed structural engagement between the two countries to further scale up relations.

The discussion between the two sides noted the need for international level support for the DDR process and for the successful implementation of the Pretoria Peace Agreement, Foreign Affairs Ministry indicated.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

PP Executive Committee Puts Forth Directions to Reinforce Policy Measures

Addis Ababa: Members of Prosperity Party Executive Committee said directive has been put forward to all institutions and leadership to exert maximum efforts for the execution of policies to achieve Ethiopia’s prosperity through increasing investment, productivity, and the nation’s ability to generate revenue.

Prosperity Party Executive Committee evaluated its nine month performance on development, national reform and political activities in the presence of PP president Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed in Gorgora, Amhara Region.

The premier said in his briefings on the occasion that Ethiopia is registering remarkable achievements over the past reform years by overcoming man-made and natural challenges citing the consecutive economic growth recorded which received world acclamation.

The appropriate development policies designed by the government of Ethiopia under the leadership of Prosperity Party, the execution capacity of institutions and public participations have contributed a lot for the path to national prosp
erity, Prime Minister Abiy indicated.

He further stressed the need to intensify efforts to effectively implement the goals put in place by the party to build a country that is free from debt and conducive for all of its citizens through bolstering productivity and swiftly accomplishing development projects with quality.

Member of Prosperity Party Executive Committee and Finance Minister, Ahmed Shide said the meeting has evaluated the overall economic growth of the country over the past reform years and particularly over the past nine months of this fiscal year.

During performance evaluation, the committee has witnessed economic growth that would help the nation uplift to a better level in agriculture, industry, tourism and digital sectors, the minister indicated.

According to Ahmed, the country has registered encouraging growth by implementing the Homegrown Economic Reform Agenda in addition to the macroeconomic stability being registered by overcoming the various pressures.

The Executive Committee has a
lso evaluated other economic related issues that have not been tackled properly due to several pressures, stressing the need to take further measures in a bid to ease the challenges of inflation, enhance foreign currency and domestic revenues as well as debt reduction.

Member of Prosperity Party Executive Committee and Minister of Planning and Development, Fisum Assefa said for her part that outstanding growth has been registered in all economic sectors due to the various measures carried out by PP- led government over the past reform years with commitment.

The meeting has discussed about the efforts being taken to cover financial need of the country by local resources and make the economic growth more inclusive and participatory, she added

Source: Ethiopian News Agency