African Countries Spend 45 bil USD Annually to Import Food Items: AU Commissioner

Africa must feed itself and rely less on food importations, AU Commissioner for Agriculture, Rural Development, Blue Economy and Sustainable Environment said. In a Media briefing today, Commissioner Josepha Sacko said despite its 60 percent of arable land, Africa has  been spending 45 billion USD annually to import food. “we must increase food production while […]

Economic Recovery across Regions Severely Uneven, UNCTAD Secretary General Underscores as Second Committee Addresses Macroeconomic Policy Questions

With COVID‑19 sending shockwaves through trade and supply chains and pushing developing countries further behind, speakers called for urgent reform of the global trade system that ensures an equitable and inclusive recovery for all, as the Second Committee (Economic and Financial) took up macroeconomic policy today. Rebeca Grynspan, Secretary‑General of the United Nations Conference on Trade […]

NASA Launching Series of Crafts to Visit, Bash Asteroids

CAPE CANAVERAL, FLORIDA — Attention asteroid aficionados: NASA is set to launch a series of spacecraft to visit and even bash some of the solar system’s most enticing space rocks. The robotic trailblazer named Lucy is up first, blasting off this weekend on a 12-year cruise to swarms of asteroids out near Jupiter — unexplored […]

Ethiopian Sign Agreement with South Africa’s Airlink

Ethiopian Airlines (ET) announced that it has signed an interline agreement with Airlink (4Z), an airline based in Johannesburg, South Africa. According to the statement issued by the Airlines,  Ethiopian has entered into an interline agreement with Airlink to allow passengers to enjoy seamless travel with a single ticket and lower fare tickets between points […]

Biden Hosting Kenyan President at White House

U.S. President Joe Biden is welcoming his first African leader to the White House on Thursday as he hosts talks with Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta. The White House said the meeting would include discussion of democracy and human rights issues, as well security, accelerating economic growth and addressing climate change. Biden and Kenyatta will also […]

Bangladesh, Ethiopia Discuss on Investment Opportunities

Bangladesh Ambassador to Ethiopia Nazrul Islam conversed with Ethiopian Investment Commission Commissioner Lelise Neme on ways to boost the investment relations of the two countries. They have also discussed issues around Bangladesh investors in Ethiopia, according to the commission. Exploring potential investment opportunity and promoting the countries investment to the Bangladesh investors jointly were the […]

President Emphasizes Need for Expansion of Road Infrastructure

President Sahle-Work Zewde addressed today the opening of the Second United Nations Sustainable Transport Conference held in Beijing. On the occasion, the president said road infrastructure is the backbone of Ethiopia’s agricultural economy and the country has allocated 11 percent of its annual budget on road infrastructure development and maintenance. In order to facilitate the […]

Ethiopian Diaspora Council Vows to Enhance Remittance, Discourage Illegal Money Transfer

Members of the Council for Ethiopian Diaspora in Action said they are working to engage the diaspora community in the development of the country by enhancing remittance. Members of the council told ENA that Ethiopians across the globe have been providing support for their country in various ways, including in remittances. The nation has, for […]