Ethiopia Attracts over 1 Bil USD from FDI in Four Months

Ethiopia has attracted 54 Foreign Direct investments (FDI) with more than 1 billion USD in the past four months, the Ethiopian Investment Commission disclosed.   Investment Commissioner, Lelise Neme said the plan was to attract 1.38 billion USD from FDI from July to October and achieved over 1.07 billion USD, performing 78 percent against the […]

Oromia Region Chief Adm. Launches Construction of Water Supply Project in Woliso Town

The Chief Administrator of Oromia Regional State, Shimelis Abdisa today launched the construction of Woliso Town Water Supply and Sanitation project with cost of 230 million Birr. The project, which is expected to be finalized in 18 months, is financed by International Development Group (IDA). At launching ceremony, the Chief Administrator said the project will […]

GERD Will Make Ethiopia Geopolitical Power of Africa, Boost National Economy: Water Expert

The completion of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) will stimulate the country’s overall economic activities and make Ethiopia a geopolitical power of Africa, a water expert said. Hawassa University Water Supply and Environmental Engineering lecturer, Mihret Dananto  told ENA that GERD will highly stimulate the overall economy of the country by covering the power […]

Ethiopia Can Boost Economy Amid Challenges, Says Germany Economist

A German economic analyst, Patrick Heinisch, said Ethiopia has the potential to boost its economy by generating additional resources, increasing foreign direct investment and export. In an exclusive interview with ENA, Heinisch said Ethiopia has several options to generate revenue in mobilizing external resources. According to him, the Government of Ethiopia has so far been […]

Ethiopians Abroad Extend some 3 Mil USD to Support Victims of Conflict

Ethiopians residing abroad have contributed some 3 million US dollars to conflict victims in the country. The heinous acts of the terrorist TPLF has brought huge humanitarian crises and displacement for millions of Ethiopians, particularly in Amhara and Afar regional states. However, the Ethiopian Diaspora communities that are supporting the victims in various ways. As […]

Oromia Aspires to Cultivate Wheat on 607,000 Ha. of Land through Irrigation in Dry Season

The Oromia regional state is striving to cultivate wheat on more than 600,000 hectares of land through irrigation during this dry season. Oromia Chief Administrator, Shimelis Abdisa visited today irrigation based wheat farming in the region. During the visit, he said the regional state has been recently giving attention to wheat cluster farming to enhance productivity and production. […]

FAO Food Price Index rises in November

Rome -The barometer of food commodity prices in international markets rose for the fourth consecutive month in November, led by strong demand for wheat and dairy products, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) reported today. The FAO Food Price Index averaged 134.4 points in the month, its highest level since June 2011 and 1.2 […]