Police Seize Illegal Weapons Dispatched to Terrorist Group Shane

Gambela Regional State Peace and Security Bureau disclosed that it has intercepted illegal weapons dispatched to the terrorist Shane group. The weapons were seized along with two suspects in Gambela town on Monday, Peace and Security Bureau Head Bun Wew told ENA. A rocket launcher, one kalashnikov, 76 Dshk and bullets were some of the […]

Ethiopia Encounters 2,800 Cyber Attack Attempts during Concluded Eth. Year

Ethiopia has encountered some 2,800 cyber-attack attempts during the last Ethiopian fiscal year (2020/21), according to the Director General of Information Network Security Agency (INSA), Dr. Shumete Gizaw. The Director General made the remark at a  ceremony organized to launch the month long cyber security program under the title “Cyber Security Shared Responsibility, Let’s Know […]

Police Arrest Ethiopia Insider’s Founder

WASHINGTON — Journalist Tesfalem Waldyes, the founder and editor-in-chief of Ethiopia Insider, an Ethiopian news and analysis website, is in police custody, according to media reports. Tesfalem’s colleagues and friends said his whereabouts hadn’t been known since Saturday, but federal police confirmed his detention to the BBC, saying there is nothing to be concerned about. Police didn’t […]

Secret Wealth of High-Profile Individuals Revealed in ‘Pandora Papers’ Leak

LONDON — World leaders, politicians and pop stars are among the thousands of individuals revealed to be concealing huge wealth through a network of anonymous companies. The documents, known as the Pandora Papers and published Sunday, are part of a leak of almost 12 million files from the archives of several legal firms, which shed light […]

NGOs Must Act in Accordance with Country’s Law: Leaders of Civic Societies

Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) engaged in humanitarian activities in Ethiopia must act in accordance with the law of the country and trespassing the law should not be tolerable, leaders of civic societies said. Coalition of Civic Societies for Ethiopians Chairperson, Gashaw Shibabaw told ENA that non-governmental organizations should be accountable to the duties and responsibilities provided […]

Video Exposes TPLF’s Plan to Continue with War

In their recent media briefing, persons who claim to be the military leaders of the terrorist organization have officially declared their readiness to drag Ethiopia into a prolonged military confrontation. “The preparation we have been making transcends time,” they said, adding that military preparations are underway. The group has officially declared its determination to keep […]

UN Secretary-General, FM Demeke Hold Talks

Addis Ababa September 25/2021 (ENA) The UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres confers with Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister of Ethiopia Demeke Mekonnen.On the occasion, the two sides discussed about the internal situation in Ethiopia,…

Tigray war antagonists are reluctant to talk peace: why and what’s next

It is almost a year since the war in Ethiopia’s northern state of Tigray broke out. It all begun with a “pre-emptive strike” on the North Command of the federal army by the Tigray People’s Liberation Front on the 4 November 2020. The central government responded with what it described as a brief “surgical operation” to bring to justice […]