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Extortion, bio-warfare and terrorism: Extremists are exploiting the pandemic, says UN report

Criminals and violent extremists are exploiting the pandemic to build their support networks, undermine trust in government and even weaponize the virus, according to a research report published on Wednesday by the United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute

Operational update on escalating fighting in Tigray and northern Ethiopia

Addis Ababa / Geneva (ICRC) – In just two weeks, escalating fighting in Tigray and northern Ethiopia has triggered immense suffering and risks spiralling into a wider humanitarian crisis. The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) visited health care

Ethiopia: Thousands of people flee conflict in Tigray region

On November 4, Ethiopia’s prime minister ordered military action against the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) in the Tigray region, following an attack on an Ethiopian military base. The escalating conflict could affect millions of people and runs the risk

Atrocity Alert No. 229: Ethiopia, Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories and Global Landmine Report

Despite a communications and media blackout in the Tigray region of Ethiopia, reports of war crimes and other violations and abuses of human rights continue to surface. Fighting between the federal government and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) began on

Environmental Crime Unit Established to Control Crimes against Wildlife

Addis Ababa  The Ethiopian Wildlife Conservation Authority has established Environmental Crime Unit to control and prevent crimes as well as trafficking of wildlife and wildlife products. Presenting quarterly performance of the authority to Agriculture, Pastoralist and Environmental Conservation Affairs Standing

Institute Ready to Launch Second Satellite into Space Next Month

Addis Ababa  Ethiopia is ready to launch its second satellite into space in December, 2020, according to Ethiopian Space Science and Technology Institute (ESSTI). Ethiopian Space Science and Technology Institute Director-General, Abdisa Yilma told Human Resource and Technology Affairs Standing

China, France Have Clearly Understood Aim of Law Enforcement Operation in Tigray: Ethiopian Ambassadors

Addis Ababa The governments of China and France clearly understand that the ongoing campaign in Tigray Regional State is a law enforcement operation and an internal affair, Ethiopia’s ambassadors in the countries said. Speaking to ENA, the ambassadors said the governments

Most of Water Hyacinth Removed from Lake Tana in One Month

Addis Ababa  Over 60 percent of the water hyacinth, locally known as Emboch, which invaded Lake Tana, has been removed through a national campaign that will last for one month , according to Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Electricity. Water,