Ethiopia celebrating Christmas with Homecoming Diaspora

Ethiopia is endowed with various natural and historical resources, grand festivals; historic tourism destinations have been inscribed as world heritage sites. Among the most conspicuous festivals in Ethiopia is Genna (Amharic word) or Christmas, which is celebrated on the 7th of January or Tahisas 29 according to the Julian calendar. Though Christmas has some outdoor features, mostly it […]

Ministry Announces Plan to Stage Festivals for Diasporas Coming to Ethiopia

Festivals of nations, nationalities of Ethiopia and entertaining as well as educational artistic performances would be presented to the 1 million Ethiopian Diaspora and friends of Ethiopia that respond to the Great Ethiopian Homecoming challenge, according to Ministry of Culture and Sport. Briefing journalists today, Culture and Sport Minister Qejella Merdassa said the festivals would […]

Ethiopian Wins ‘Best African Airline’ Award at 2021 Business Traveller Awards

Ethiopian Airlines has been crowned as the ‘Best African Airline’ at the 2021 Business Traveller Awards. The votes made by the business travelers for this year took into account the COVID-19 period with key questions covering airlines’ effectiveness in communication, effective implementation of COVID-19 precautionary measures, handling of loyalty program member passengers and flexibility of ticket […]

Ethiopia’s Strong Cultural Asset Crucial to Make Nation Stronger, Heal Entire Challenges: Prof. Fitz-Gerald

Ethiopia’s strong culture defined by decency, civility, nobility, pride and its social capital needs to be preserved and protected, Professor Ann Fitz-Gerald said. University of Waterloo Professor, Ann Fitz-Gerald told ENA that changing the current situation in Ethiopia into very positive, constructive, progressive and productive way is not going to happen overnight. Many conversations have […]

Facebook deletes Ethiopia PM’s post for inciting violence

Ethiopian Prime Minister has become the latest African leader to have his post removed from a global social media platform. Officials from Facebook which recently rebranded to Meta, ruled that one of his recent posts violated its policies against inciting violence. PM Abiy Ahmed in a post last Sunday (October 31) exhorted the citizenry to […]

Facebook Removes Ethiopian PM’s Post for Inciting Violence

NAIROBI, KENYA — Facebook says it has removed a post by Ethiopia’s prime minister that urged citizens to rise up and “bury” the rival Tigray forces who now threaten the capital as the country’s war reaches the one-year mark. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s post on Sunday violated the platform’s policies against inciting and supporting violence, spokeswoman […]

When and how was walking invented?

This is an important question because many anthropologists see bipedalism – which means walking on two legs – as one of the defining characteristics of “hominins,” or modern humans, and their ancestors. It is difficult to give a simple answer, though, because bipedalism did not just appear one day. It went through a gradual evolution […]