Canada Pledges to Continue Supporting Ethiopia in Federalism, Women Empowerment and Green Dev’t

Addis Ababa Canada will continue supporting Ethiopia in strengthening federalism, women empowerment and green economic development, Ambassador Philip Baker said.

In his email response to questions posed by ENA, Canada's Ambassador to Ethiopia Philip Baker said federalism is one of the areas the two countries have been discussing regularly and sharing experiences and best practices.

Strengthening the federal parliament system is a clearly expressed objective in GTP II. The Canadian government also places a high priority on inclusive and accountable governance, peaceful pluralism, and respect for diversity, including the rights of women and girls and marginalized and vulnerable people, in our development efforts around the world, Baker stated.

According to him, Canada and the House of Federation have designed 5.675-million-CAD five-year project entitled Strengthening Federal Governance and Pluralism in Ethiopia to strengthen the country's federalism.

He further said the empowerment of women and girls, and the realization of their social, economic, political and reproductive rights are important key priorities for Canada. The country is working in various intervention areas of women empowerment projects in the country.

Canada is, for instance, implementing 14.7-million-CAD project with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) to prevent and respond to gender-based violence in Ethiopia, Baker added.

He stated that Canada currently supports Strengthening Climate Resilience in Africa project of the World Food Programme/African Risk Capacity Agency (ARC Agency) in which Ethiopia is one of the beneficiaries of this 40 million CAD multi-country project.

Through the ARC Agency, Ethiopia is currently receiving an extensive capacity building program in disaster preparedness and response, including the development of a country-specific contingency plan, which will allow the rapid deployment of insurance payments using the existing structure of Ethiopia's safety net programs, he added.

Baker also pointed out that his country has been working with Ministry of Mines, Petroleum and Natural Gas since 2016 to strengthen Ethiopia's capacity in promoting and managing the mining sector.

Through a 15-million-CAD, Canada is working with the ministry to develop mineral license management guidelines, train staff on mineral licensing management, scale-up auditing and monitoring functions, design and install a new cadastre system accessible at federal and regional offices, and provide training in geosciences data generation and management. The aim is to see more direct benefits for people in mining communities, he stated.

Ambassador Baker said Canada will continue its partnership with Ethiopia and it encourages Canadian companies to look at Ethiopia as a high growth and opportunistic market in the Eastern Africa Region.

Bilateral relations between Canada and Ethiopia started in 1962.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

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