Boundary Commission to reinforce 80km international boundary lines in Volta

Approximately 80 kilometres of the international boundary line between Ghana and the Republic of Togo is to be reaffirmed in a joint exercise beginning May 7, this year.

Ghana and its immediate eastern neighbour are working together to reaffirm the frontier under the GIZ-African Union Border Programme.

Major General Emmanuel Kotia, the National Coordinator of the Ghana Boundary Commission, said at a joint community sensitisation event at the Kpetoe Customs Training School, said some 80km of the frontier, running from Ave Dakpa to Wli Afegame, would be reinforced.

He said all damaged, misplaced, and removed boundary pillars would be replaced during the three-week exercise to be undertaken by the Joint Land Reaffirmation Technical Committee.

The exercise is to be carried out in five districts on the border: the Akatsi North District, Agortime Ziofe District, the Ho Municipality, Ho West District, and the Afadzato South District.

The joint sensitisation would, therefore, help secure the consent and collaboration of frontier communities.

It was attended by stakeholders including traditional and political leaders from the two Republics.

Major Gen. Kotia said an estimated 60 boundary pillars would be established and new intermediary ones constructed to help communities identify the boundary lines and protect them.

He noted how the exercise had been successful along the Aflao Section of the line, and that the support of the AU and the German Corporation deserved praise.

Dr Lardja Douti, the Permanent Secretary of the Land Boundary Commission of Togo, said the two nations enjoyed binding relations and the exercise should enhance the relationship and political administration.

He said the collaboration continued to grow and both countries deserved commendation.

He asked that the border enforcement be given the needed acknowledgement.

Mr Benito Owusu-Bio, Deputy Minister of Lands and Natural Resources, said the task of protecting the boundaries was not the responsibility of the Committees alone, and that all stakeholders had a role to play, urging the communities to prioritise peace and pursue oneness.

The two nations should maintain the bonds of nationality and culture and consider the boundary as an avenue to promote economic ties, he said.

Nene Akoto Sah VII, Chief Warlord of the Agortime Traditional Area, said communities along the boundary had enjoyed peaceful coexistence as they shared common lineage, and commended the border security agencies for their forthrightness.

He said the Agortime community extended into Togo with a higher population and that security forces should help maintain the relationship, alleging that the posture of security forces of the French speaking nation affected livelihoods.

Nene Sah said cross border tourism was being disrupted by the present border regime and appealed to stakeholders to ensure that the boundary enforcement did not affect the integration of communities.

Dr Archibald Yao Letsa, Volta Regional Minister, said the Region enjoyed increased security and that the border reinforcement would enhance its attraction among both the national and the international community.

The first reaffirmation exercise in the region was undertaken in Aflao and Akanu in May, 2022.

Source: Ghana News Agency