Blinken’s Visit To Ethiopia Will Take Ethio-US Diplomatic Relations To New Heights: MFA

Addis Ababa March 16/2023 /ENA/ US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken’s, visit to Ethiopia will take the diplomatic relations between the two countries to a new heights of cooperation, Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ambassador Meles Alem said.

Ambassador Meles Alem gave a weekly press briefing to journalists on the main diplomatic activities of Ethiopia.

Anthony Blinken’s visit to Ethiopia will take the relations between Ethiopia and the US to a higher level, Ambassador Meles said.

He also stated that the visit of the secretary of state is an indication that the relations between the two countries are growing.

During his stay in Ethiopia, the secretary of state held discussion with Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, focusing on various domestic, regional and bilateral issues, Meles added.

Blinken also held discussions with Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister Demeke Mekonen on various issues.

The two sides held discussion based on mutual understanding and cooperation, ambassador Meles said adding that the relations between the two countries have entered to a new phase of cooperation.

According to the spokesperson, successful diplomatic activities are being carried out, with particular focus on peace diplomacy.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

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