Bishoftu Ready for Irreechaa Festival

Oromos from all corners of the region are arriving at Bishoftu town to celebrate the Irreechaa festival tomorrow.


Reporters of the Ethiopian News Agency observed the vibes of  Irreechaa celebration on the eve in Bishoftu town, located about 40 kilometers southeast of Addis Ababa in Oromia region.


Many people are joyfully singing and chanting in the town wearing traditional clothes .


The scenes of Irreechaa festival in Addis Ababa today were peaceful and the vibes of  the festival in Bishoftu is also a showcase that will be celebrated colorfully and peacefully tomorrow.


As Irreechaa is a thanksgiving festival among the Oromo people partakers in colorful traditional garments throw grass into pools of water as a symbol of prosperity and riches.


Source: Ethiopia News Agency