Armaments Being Smuggled into Addis Intercepted: Nat’l Security Council

Addis Ababa, Huge number of armaments that were to be smuggled into Addis Ababa was intercepted over the last two months, the National Security Council has disclosed.

In a press briefing he gave to journalists today, Head of the Secretariat of the Council Siraj Fegiessa said the intercepted armaments include about 270 Kalashnikov rifles, and 200 pistols, 66,000 round of bullets.

Siraj, who is also Minister of Defense, said that the weapons were intercepted at the checking points of Assosa, Metema and Togowuchalie.

By smuggling the weapons into the capital, the plan was to aggravate the prevailing situation by inciting unrest and armed conflict, Siraj pointed out.

Regarding institutions of higher learning, Siraj said activities aimed at ensuring peace and stability at the institutions has bore fruits, referring the resumption of learning process at the universities.

Siraj said the investigation being carried out on the cause of the conflicts and individuals who fuel the clashes will continue in collaboration with the public.

He appreciated the initiative and participation of the public in helping security forces intercept the smuggled weapons as well as efforts towards ensuring peace and stability.

Regarding allegations against members of the defense force of killing innocent people, Siraj said the rumor is baseless.

Siraj said the accusations against the Defense Force known for its discipline are just rumors that are never supported with a single evidence.

According to him, these rumors are fabricated stories aimed to tarnish the image of the Defense Force, which has got good recognition at the global arena for its commitment and respecting the rights of people.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency