Arab Diplomats Laud Peace Agreement

The ambassadors of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait as well as Sudan’s military attaché said the the peace agreement between the Government of Ethiopia and TPLF is an important step because the stability of Ethiopia is the stability of the countries surrounding Ethiopia.

In an exclusive interview with the Ethiopian News Agency, Fahad Al-Hamidani, Saudi Arabia’s Ambassador to Ethiopia said that the peace agreement is an important step for Ethiopia’s prosperity and that the Saudi government and people welcome the peace agreement.

” We hope that peace and stability will prevail in Ethiopia.”

The ambassador added that this peace deal will reflect positively on the economy of Ethiopia for  the country will become economically one of the strongest nation in Africa.

Ambassador Al-Hamidani also praised the role of the African Union.

“We welcome and thank the African Union in resolving the issue. The African Union has made efforts to find African solutions for African problems, which has resulted in achieving peace.”

Kuwait’s Ambassador to Ethiopia, Nayef Al-Otaibi, said on his part that the State of Kuwait has issued a statement welcoming the peace agreement between the Ethiopian government and the TPLF, saying that it is a step forward to peace.

The ambassador pointed out that war drains money and prevents national development. So, political stability is important not only for Ethiopia, but for all countries in the world.

Ambassador Al-Otaibi praised the efforts of the Ethiopian government in achieving peace and all the steps taken to the realization of the peace agreement.

Sudan’s military attaché Brigadier General Abdul Majeed Anas Omar said we thank and support the patience and persistence shown by the Ethiopian government to reach this agreement as it was a good tiding for all African nations.

He said the war had its effect not only on Ethiopia but also on Sudan, and added that the people of Sudan had good tidings from that agreement.

Brigadier General Abdul Majeed Anas Omar pointed out that the peace agreement will make Ethiopia move forward by being the capital of Africa and the headquarters of the African Union and hosting diplomatic missions, making it the third country after America and Switzerland.



Source: Ethiopia News Agency


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