Appropriate leadership and communication skills training was given to female leaders

Training was given to 30 female leaders of the Prosperity Party Office of the Southern Region from Gamo and Gofa zones, as well as Derashe and Basketo special districts, to improve their leadership and communication skills from January 3-4, 2015 at Arba Mojan University. Click here to view more images.

Southern Region Prosperity Party's human resource development department head and women's league executive Mrs. Amalnesh Demeke said that one of the directions set by the women's league executive is to create a favorable environment for women leaders to develop their leadership skills. On behalf of the league, they thanked the university for taking the lead in organizing the training.

Mrs. Amalmanesh added that a leader who loves his country and his people can generate many followers, and he said that a leader with clear thinking will help our country win the fight against poverty and the struggle to get rid of backwardness.

Arba Mojang University Research and Society/Associate/President Associate Professor Hailu Mordekios, on his part, stated that the training was prepared according to the request of the Prosperity Party Office of the Southern Region to provide training.

The Director of the University's Directorate of Social Welfare, Dr. Teklu Wagayehu, said that the training is one of the many trainings offered by the university in the field of social welfare.

The Director of the College of Business and Economics Association/Good/Coordinator Esther Seifu stated that the development of leadership skills and communication skills are the contents of the training. .

The trainees said that the training gave them a better understanding and broadened their horizons to improve their knowledge and skills. At the end of the training, a certificate of participation was presented to the trainees.

Directorate of Communication Affairs

Source: Arba Minch University.