AMU hosts two-day training on ‘New Education Roadmap’

AMU has hosted 2-day training on strategic issues linked with New Education Roadmap on the theme - 'Sustain peaceful teaching-learning environment across university' from 24th to 25th September, 2019, for entire university's academic and administrative staff at Main Campus. Both freshmen and senior students were also oriented; while Sawla Campus imparted training to its community on October 1, 2019.Click here to see the pictures

University President, Dr Damtew Darza, chairing training for academic staff with AMU Board member, Dr Abraham Alano, emphasized that, this academic year, AMU is determined to achieve 9:76:15 ratio of Undergraduate, Post-Graduate and PhD teachers to reinforce teaching-learning process. This time quality is our mainstay, where research, technology and professionalism will be its core components. In order to improve administrative machinery, performance tools like Kaizan, Balanced Score Card System, etc. will be strengthened.

He informed that AMU could successfully complete Job Evaluation and Grading (JEG) process, 65% staff members applied for suitable positions were duly placed along with 35%, assigned new positions by JEG Committee while 13 disputed cases are being adjudicated. And under career development program around 272 academic and 15 administrative staff were given aid to build their capacity.

Academic Affairs Vice President, Dr Yechale Kebede, orienting administrative staff, said, Ministry of Education is now engaged in differentiating universities in the country based on their respective available strength. It will assign or put universities in three identified categories defining their academic relevance and it will demand accountability on all higher education institutions so that they move in right direction, building capacity and disseminate qualitative education for nation development.

He adds that New Education Roadmap guidelines specify that hereafter duration of UG program will be of 4-year, of which 1st year for all new entrants will be significant to learn common courses designed to address key issues like communicative skills, logical thinking, mathematical aptitude, etc. It intends to make graduates more competent and responsible about the society; emerging market needs and nation as a whole, so that they can prepare themselves to accept any challenge in any arena.

It's learnt that under common courses, freshmen would have to take yearlong orientation on subjects such as global trends, inclusiveness, critical thinking, introduction to emerging technology, social anthropology, communicative English, moral & civics, etc.

AMU Board member, Dr Hewan Demissie, Vice Presidents, Dr Melkamu Mada and Tarikua Woldemedhin including Institute of Technology and Water Technology Institute's scientific directors, Dr Alemayehu Chufamo and Dr Abdella Kemal, put in efforts in orienting AMU staff at different venues.

The community training basically had more emphasize on core agenda to sustain peaceful teaching-learning environment by making all stakeholders aware about its relevance; issues like teacher-student discipline, performance of last year's (2018-19 Plan) and New Year's (2019-20) Annual Plans were also dealt with.

Source: Arba Minch University