American Journalist of Ethiopian Origin Hermela Aregawi Arrives in Addis Ababa

An American journalist of Ethiopian origin Hermela Aregawi has arrived in Addis Ababa this morning.

Ambassador Alemayehu Ganga, American Affairs Director General at Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Athlete Haile Gebresellasie among others warmly welcomed the journalist at Bole International Airport.

The journalist, along with her mother, came to Ethiopia in a response to a national call of great Ethiopian homecoming initiative, it was learned.

Hermela has been known by denouncing and exposing the evil acts and atrocities committed by Terrorist TPLF.

Moreover, she has been engaged in the ‘No More’ movement,  exposing the fake information of some Western media about Ethiopia.

Upon arrival, the journalist lauded those who warmly welcomed her at the airport, adding that she is enthusiastic to continue standing alongside of Ethiopia and fight against the undue external pressures on Ethiopia.


Source: Ethiopia News Agency