Akaki Bridge closed for renovation

The busy Akaki Bridge will be out of operation for the rest of the year, after the Addis Ababa City Roads Authority (AACRA) signed a deal with IFH engineering for the renovation of the bridge. A cross section of 50 meters, of the 60-meter long bridge will be reconstructed.

Renovation of the bridge was set to start in September, but was postponed as revisions were made to connect the Tulu Dimtu interchange road then under construction.

The main Akaki Road that is an exit to eastern parts of the country and also the route through which cargo is carried from the Port of Djibouti to Addis. When renovation of the bridge is completed, the road will be connected to a larger road line, the Tulu Dimtu route, which is the starting point of the Addis–Adama express way.

The city’s roads authority has informed drivers to use alternate routes via Hana Mariam and Goru while renovations are underway.

IFH won the bid ousting close rivals DMC Construction PLC offering 170.2 million birr for the project, 55.4 million less than DMC’s price. Omega Consultants PLC will supervise the reconstruction of Akaki Bridge.

AACRA has been actively pushing further road construction, with Senan Constuction PLC also contracted to complete 4.9 km of inner asphalt roads on Bole Arabssa condominium site. The project, worth about 50.6 million birr, is expected to be completed in two months.

Another 39.4 million birr project has been contracted to Yemane Girmay General Contractor for the construction of 4.1km of inner roads, also at Bole Arabssa condominium site. RDDC Consulting will oversee the construction of both inner road projects.

ACCRA approved the deal for the Akaki Bridge renovation and condominium access roads on December 4, signing the deals at its head office.

This budget year, the city’s roads authority plans to build 917 kilometers of new roads, raising the city’s road coverage by two percent to 22 percent.

Renovations, and the construction of new and access roads will cost ACCRA a total of six billion birr. Of the 187 road projects planned this Ethiopian fiscal year, 115 are main roads, 49 are access roads to condominiums and four are gravel roads.