Agricultural Businesses Corporation Working to Distribute 253,000 Quintals of Seeds

Ethiopian Agricultural Businesses Corporation (EABC) said it will distribute 253,000 quintals of the seeds for agrarians this upcoming Ethiopian agricultural season.

EABC Deputy CEO, Feleke Gezahegn told ENA that the corporation is breeding 69 seed varieties from 26 crops in its five centers, on contracts and farmers' fields.

Feleke stated that his corporation is working to produce 300,000 quintals by covering 15,000 hectares of land with the seeds for this season.

Thus far, the corporation is ready to distribute 253,000 quintals of seeds for this upcoming Ethiopian agricultural season, asserted.

He pointed out that preparations are also being made to distribute the seeds collected for the agricultural season to farmers and investors who carry out agricultural activities.

From the collected crops, the seeds of corn, wheat, barley, sorghum, teff, rice, cabbage seeds, lentils, soybeans, beans, chickpeas, and flax are prepared to be distributed, he mentioned.

The corporation prepared the seeds that can withstand recurring crop diseases and varying environmental conditions based on its researches, according to Feleke.

Besides providing the seeds, the corporation provides training on seed production technology to seed breeding farmers, agricultural experts and investors engaged in the sector.

The corporation with several branches and stations across the country provides agricultural inputs and technologies to improve production and productivity to boost modern farms and agro-industries at a very competitive price to facilitate the economic development of Ethiopia.

Source: Ethiopia News Agency