African Leadership Excellence Academy Works to Fill Continental Leadership Gaps

The President of African Leadership Excellence Academy Dr. Mihiret Debebe said that the Academy will work to fill the leadership capability gap that exists in the continent.

The President pointed out that the Academy is center of excellence that works to fill national and continental leadership gaps in Africa.

Indicating that there are some leadership gaps in Africa he pledged the academy will aggressively work to fill the problems.

“Previously, we were focusing on issues of mindset and personality. But now we will wildly work on filling the leadership gaps at national and continental level. There are some gaps at regional and continental level and leadership is not only a matter of politics”, he said.

He explained that the academy is a comprehensive leadership training center that works to create a competent leadership and it is also expected to benefit various nongovernmental organizations too.

Mentioning that it covers an African issues starting from Ethiopia, he said the academy will try to address leadership gaps existing policymaking, civil society activities, the media, religious institutions among others in Ethiopia and beyond.

In this perspective, he said, the newly appointed senior government officials have been trained in leadership skills.

The senior officials have received training that to help them fulfill their responsibilities in a better way, he said.

It is to be recalled that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has given a work directions for the officials last week.

Source: Ethiopia News Agency