Africa Has Mechanisms to Solve Conflicts Without Foreign Interference: Gambian Minister

African countries have their own means and mechanisms that enable them to solve conflicts without foreign interference, Gambian Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Minister Mamadou Tangara noted.


In an exclusive interview with Ethiopian News Agency (ENA), Tangara said Africans have the traditional means to solve conflicts.

Therefore, it is important to find African solutions for African problems without foreign interference, the minister underscored.


According to him, African has very capable and dedicated leaders who are committed to the well-being of their country and people.


He stressed that Africans need to work cooperatively in resolving conflict because what affects one could affects all of us.


He also indicated the need for African countries to further strengthen their ability of addressing their problems by themselves.


“Foreign actors might support the efforts made by African Countries. However, they cannot tell us about us by placing themselves above us,”  he underlined.


Ethiopia which has great people could also solve its current problems by itself, Tangara stated.


“We have seen Ethiopia solve issues with Eritrea. So there is no obstacle that prevents Ethiopia form solving its other problems,” he underscored.


The foreign minister also expressed his hope that Ethiopia would solve the current situation through dialogue.


Ethiopia, which is the capital of Africa, is the second home of all Africans, Tangara said, further pointing out his wish to see a prosperous and stable Ethiopia.


The African Union should provide the necessary support to member states in order enable them resolve their problems by own, he urged.


According to the Foreign Minister, the bilateral relations of Ethiopia and Gambia are excellent recalling that they had several agreements aimed at enhancing their cooperation.


Expressing his hope that the existing bilateral relations would be expanded to a higher level, he indicated that activities are underway to implement the agreements.


Source: Ethiopia News Agency