About Us

The website has been designed to publish the news, which is gathered from all the sectors from all the regions of the world, but the name of the website also depicts that we cater to the happenings of the African world. Behind the creation of our website, there was one single aim and that was to let the world leaders understand that this specific region has to be taken care of in terms of its development in all the sectors and that will help this African region to be alongside with other developed regions, which play a key part when it comes to the policy making decisions for the betterment of the world. We raise different issues to be addressed through different Ethiopia Press Releases on our news website.

The news on our website is reliable and that news on the website cannot be questioned because it is verified and properly checked before it adjusts on our website. This is because of our professional staff, which utilizes the approach that is the blend of basic norms of the journalism and the latest methods of the journalism. This approach guides us how to balance the latest methods of journalism with its basic norms and that balancing helps us to maintain the authenticity of the news.

Since the arrival of our website, the startup businesses of the African region have started hoping to capture the international market and get their businesses introduced to that unexplored market. They can use our service of submitting their press releases on our website and get the maximum benefits for their businesses.

The appreciated part of our news website by people, is that we are very active on social media websites and that indicates that we value the different views of people on any news published on our website and not only that, the social media websites also inform us on a daily basis that which elements have to be improved as far as our news website is concerned. About finding every happening related to both the African region and the rest of the regions of the world, you can use our services such as Daily email news alerts and RSS news feeds.