Abiy Launches Year-Long Tax, Customs Laws Compliance National Campaign

Addis Ababa Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed launched a tax and customs laws compliance national compliance today.

The campaign, launched under the theme: “Tax for honor of country,” aims at strengthening the contribution of citizens in the national development endeavors by enhancing their taxpaying culture.

During the occasion, he said Ethiopia needs to work hard to become self-sufficient in covering its expenditures and realize dignity and freedom.

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Creating a poverty free nation is possible through our collective efforts of hard work, patience and compliance to laws, the PM added.

“As we launch the tax and customs laws compliance national campaign today, we extend our gratitude to tax payers that have been truthfully fulfilling their national obligation.”

According to him, this is the time for Ethiopians to exercise the perseverance demonstrated during the Victory of Adwa to build a better nation.

The premier stressed the need to exert collaborative efforts to tap resources for the development of the country in order to maintain Ethiopia’s dignity and sovereignty as well as to overcome poverty.

Ethiopia has to ensure its freedom by easing its debt that has been creating more pressure on the country.

Despite various external and internal challenges, Abiy noted that Ethiopia is marching on the path of development.

To fully meet the development goals of the country, however, the loyalty of tax payers is crucial.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

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