AAU Hosts Public Lecture on Ethiopia’s Accession to WTO

Addis Abeba University hosted a public lecture on Ethiopian position to the accession of membership in World Trade Organization (WTO) at Mekonnen Hall 11 February 2020.

Ambassador Alan Wm. Wolff, Deputy Director General of WTO, delivered the lecture under the theme of Trade and Peace: Ethiopia's Accession to the WTO.

The AAU President Prof. Tasew Woldehanna in his welcoming remarks experessed the merits to attain from the membership and his grateful appreciation of WTO for its commitment to accelerate Ethiopia's position of accession process.

Ambassador Alan Wm. Wolf presented the lecture focusing on mutual benefits of trade and peace in relation to goals and principles of WTO to handle the accession process. According to the Deputy Director General, the field of trade and economic endeavor should be conducted with a view to raising standards of living, ensuring full employment and steadily growing volume of real income and effective demands.

Followinng the conclusion of his lecture, Ambassador Alan Wolf added more briefings based on question forwaded from the audience. The questions mainly focused on how Ethiopia can attain the goals of WTO with low level of idustry, living with/in an area of fragile peace and other conditions, and how the private sector can play role after the country's being the member of WTO.

Reperesentatives from different Colleges of AAU, Office of the FDRE Prime Minister, Ministry of Trade and athor istitutions attended the lecture held in Mekonnen Hall.

Source: Addis Ababa University