89,248.8 tons of soybean and palm oil were supplied to alleviate the shortage of inputs by oil factories.

(MOTI) – Efforts are underway to increase the number of oil refineries and production capacity in the country in order to alleviate the problem of imbalance in the supply and demand of edible oil. In order to alleviate the shortage of raw materials and fill the gaps in the supply of edible oil, 89,248.8 tons of soybean and palm oil were imported in the 2021 Ethiopian budget year.

Meanwhile, Agro-Processing and Pharmaceutical Director, Alemu Lobe, said the production capacity of food, beverage, pharmaceutical and meat and dairy factories is expected to increase to 65 percent this budget year.

He said 44,661 jobs are planned to be created in the sector and 32,953 jobs have been created.


Source: Ministry of trade and industry


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