Ministry of Health Receives Ten Tons of Medical Goods

Ethiopian Airlines, the Airbus aircraft manufacturing company, and Sans Frontieres have extended ten tons of medical goods to Ministry of Health.

Ethiopian Airlines Group Chief Executive Officer, Mesfin Tassew handed over the support to Health Minister Dr. Lia Tadesse today.

The donation consisted of beds, chairs, tents and nutritious foods, among others.

Ethiopian Group CEO, Mefin said on the occasion that the company will continue strengthening its social responsibility.

Health Minister Dr. Lia on her part thanked the donors and said the support will mainly be distributed to health institutions that need reconstruction.

Source: Ethiopia News Agency

40 Million Children Face Growing Threat of Measles, WHO Warns

More than 40 million children missed getting vaccinated against measles last year, prompting a significant setback in global efforts to eradicate the highly contagious disease worldwide, the World Health Organization and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said in a joint report Wednesday.

Vaccination campaigns were disrupted in several countries because of COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, dropping global measles-containing vaccine (MCV) coverage from 86% in 2019 to 81% in 2021, the lowest coverage rate since 2008.

Now, nearly all of the 40 million children who missed their first or second doses of the MCV are “dangerously susceptible to [a] growing measles threat,” the report warned.

“The paradox of the pandemic is that while vaccines against COVID-19 were developed in record time and deployed in the largest vaccination campaign in history, routine immunization programs were badly disrupted, and millions of kids missed out on lifesaving vaccinations against deadly diseases like measles,” WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said in a statement.

“The record number of children underimmunized and susceptible to measles shows the profound damage immunization systems have sustained during the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Dr. Rochelle P. Walensky, CDC director.

Last year, about 9 million measles cases were reported around the world, with 128,000 deaths.

Over the last two decades, successful MCV campaigns have helped prevent an estimated 56 million deaths globally, according to WHO.

Ten countries in Asia and Africa – India, Somalia, Yemen, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Liberia, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Afghanistan and Congo – carry the highest numbers of measles cases and fatalities in the world.

COVID-19 restrictions have also disrupted immunization campaigns for polio, which causes irreversible paralysis. Polio has been eradicated all over the world except in Afghanistan and Pakistan, where immunization drives have seen access restrictions because of insecurity and limited public awareness.

Source: Voice of America

Somalia: Military Operation Kills 49 Al-Shabab Militants

MOGADISHU — Somalia says its army, supported by international partners, have conducted an operation in the country’s lower Shabelle region that killed 49 al-Shabab militants.

A statement issued by the Somali Information Ministry late Wednesday said the military operation took place in the village of Buulo Madiino, in the country’s Lower Shabelle region.

VOA could not independently verify the Somali government’s death toll but residents in region reported that they heard explosions.

“The targeted operation went as planned and destroyed all the military vehicles and weaponry of the Khawarij Al-Shabaab,” said the ministry in a statement. Khawarij is a term for someone who deviates from Islam.

The government said the militants were hit while planning to attack the Somali people. It also said there had been airstrikes involved in the operation, but it did not mention which country conducted the strikes.

It comes days after Somali president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud visited frontline towns in the central regions of Hiran and Galgadud.

Mohamud, who was re-elected president earlier this year, has declared a “total war” against al-Shabab.

The group, meanwhile, has increased their attacks since Mohamud was elected leader.

Attacks include a rare July incursion into neighboring Ethiopia that authorities say left hundreds of militants dead and a twin car bombing in Mogadishu in October that killed 120 people.

Source: Voice of America

AUC, ADB Sign 9.73 Mil USD Grant Agreement to Drive Digital Market Development in Africa

The African Union Commission (AUC) and the African Development Bank (ADB) have signed a grant agreement to implement Phase 1 of the Upstream Project for Digital Market Development in Africa.

The AUC Commissioner for Economic Development, Trade, Tourism, Industry and Minerals, Ambassador Albert M. Muchanga, and the African Development Bank’s Deputy Director General for the East Africa Region, Abdul B. Kamara, signed the agreement on behalf of their institutions.

It was indicated during the occasion that the digital transformation of economies offers new opportunities to increase intra-Africa trade and boost economic growth.

The African Development Bank’s board of directors approved the grant of 9.73 million USD in September this year.

The project supports the AUC’s implementation of digital economy projects to enhance a continental single digital market, according to a statement from the African Development Bank.

It also supports the implementation of the African Continental Free Trade Area and the Digital Transformation Strategy for Africa.

The project comes as the backdrop of the Covid-19-induced recession that exposed several gaps in the African digital economy ecosystem. It addresses these gaps.

“Phase 1 runs from 2023 to 2026. It will focus on three main components namely: digital enablers; digital trade and e-commerce adoption; and support actions. Specifically, the project will help strengthen the frameworks (strategic, policy, regulatory and conceptual) and cross-cutting (gender, climate change and resilience) dimensions for the development of Africa’s digital economy,” the statement indicated.

These frameworks are key substrate to guide the establishment of a single digital market across the African continent by 2030.

The project will contribute to the implementation of digital enabler such as universal access to broadband infrastructure, sovereign African cloud, and African digital market among others.

Ambassador Albert M. Muchanga expressed the AUC’s gratitude to the African Development Bank for its support.

He said: “The Covid-19 pandemic underscored the importance of digital technologies and the digital economy as a whole, and in that regard, Africa should think big when it comes to digital development, digital economy and the grand opportunities on integration and economic growth.”

ADB’s Deputy Director General for the East Africa Region, Abdul B. Kamara stated that the project would support the implementation of the Bank’s High 5 priorities as accelerators to achieve Agenda 2063 targets and the continent’s economic transformation to get The Africa We Want.

He added: “It is important to create employment opportunities for millions of young Africans, which is essential for the stability and prosperity of the continent. The digital transformation of economies offers new opportunities to increase intra-Africa trade and boost economic growth.”

Source: Ethiopia News Agency

Ethiopian Airlines Sets to Nearly Double Destination, Number of Aircraft by 2035

Ethiopian Airlines has aimed to increase its destination to 207 and the number of aircraft to 271 by Vision 2035, Ethiopian Airlines Group, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mesfin Tassew said.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, Mesfin said the strategic plan is aimed at maintaining and excelling its undisputed growth in the industry.

“In vision 2035, we have aimed to nearly double the number of destinations that we will be flying by increasing the number of destinations from 131 today to 207; and to cover this expansion, we have planned again to double the number of aircraft in our flight from 140 to 271. We have planned to carry 65 million passengers and 3 million tons of cargo. We aim to generate 25 billion USD revenue by 2035,” the CEO elaborated.

Ethiopian Airlines had achieved its vision 2025 well ahead of time, the CEO recalled, adding that the new strategic plan is to sustain the fast and profitable growth.

Ethiopian is a Pan-African airline because it was connecting Africans before the establishment of the Organization of African Unity (OAU), he stated, and underscored “we take it as a mission to bring Africans together for the development of the continent.”

According to him, Ethiopian has recently taken the lead to develop the African air transport industry by providing technical assistance to countries establish their own airlines.

“A good example is A sky Airlines, which has a hub in Lome, Togo, that was set up before 12 years to serve the West African countries. This airline today covers 25 destinations within West Africa providing very reliable air transport service and becoming profitable for its shareholders. Ethiopian airline has a share in the order of 27 percent and at the same time it is managing the airline,” Mesfin stated.

Ethiopian airline has set up a joint venture partnership with Malawi Government owning 49 percent and managing the airline which is doing well, he added.

According to the CEO, Ethiopian Airline has recently signed agreement with Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to set up a joint venture and has finalized preparations and is awaiting the go ahead from DRC.

“Recently, we have agreed with the Nigerian Government to set up their national carrier, Nigeria Air, and we are under final phase of negotiation on the agreements. We will continue forming such partnership throughput Africa to stimulate the development of indigenous African airlines within Africa. This will also help Ethiopian Airlines to reach Africans,” Mesfin emphasized.

He stressed that Ethiopian will continue establishing partnership to provide seamless connectivity for Africans.

Ethiopian Airlines, the fastest growing Airline in Africa, has become one of Africa’s leading carriers, unrivalled in efficiency and operational success.

Ethiopian Airlines, Africa’s best airline and winner of multiple global awards, operates the Youngest Fleet in Africa.

Source: Ethiopia News Agency

Paron Trading Inks Deal to Start Agro-processing in Bahir Dar Industrial Park

The Paron Trading PLC has signed an agreement with the Industrial Parks Development Corporation (IPDC) to start agro-processing investment in Bahir Dar Industrial Park.

During the signing ceremony, Industrial Parks Development Corporation CEO Aklilu Tadesse said the agreement enables Paron Trading to start agro-processing investment in Bahir Dar Industrial Park.

The CEO stated that the corporation will provide all the necessary support to Paron Trading in collaboration with the pertinent actors.

The agreement signed between the two parties demonstrates the corporation’s commitment to encourage domestic companies and investors to engage in industrial parks in Ethiopia, Aklilu added.

Bahir Dar Industrial Park is one of Ethiopia’s 13 industrial parks open for domestic and foreign investors, the CEO stated.

Paron Trading CEO Shiferaw Solomon thanked the corporation’s commitment to supporting domestic companies and investors to invest in industrial parks.

The trading company, which is expected to contribute to the import substitution efforts of the country upon going operational, will create 1,000 jobs, it was learned.

Paron will supply value added and processed agricultural inputs for food and drink industries.

Source: Ethiopia News Agency

Demeke Calls On AU Member States to Industrialize, Boost Intrastate Trade

The Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister of Ethiopia, Demeke Mekonnen, said that AU member states should redouble their efforts to industrialize and boost intra-African trade.

Speaking at the Extra-Ordinary Summit on Industrialization and Economic Diversification held in Niamey, Niger today, Demeke said industrialization determines whether Africa can transform its natural endowments into tradeable products or depend on imported products from outside.

Deputy Prime Minister Demeke who underscored the importance of allocating necessary resources to kick-start industrialization in the continent and transform the economy also called on AU member states for determinations and change the visions into practical actions.

Ethiopia implemented Homegrown Economic Reform program with the sole purpose of creating conducive economic environment for the private sector by removing structural red tapes in a number of industrial policies over the past few years with impressive results, Demeke elaborated.

He also said Ethiopia throws its weight behind the AU’s initiative to industrialize the continent.

Participants of the Summit said industrialization is not an event but a process which Africa has all the assets for job creations and industrialization.

Source: Ethiopia News Agency