AAU Launches a Research Centre for Forced Displacement and Migration Studies

Addis Ababa University (AAU), College of Education and Behavioural Studies launched a new research center entitled “Research Chair on Forced Displacement and Migration Studies” on the workshop held at Capital Hotel and Spa on the 17th of November 2022 .   The Research Chair is the first in its kind in Ethiopia and was established […]

Ambassador Genet Discusses on Peace Agreement with Ethiopians living in Havana

Ethiopian Ambassador to Cuba, Genet Teshome, held discussions on peace agreement signed between the government of Ethiopia and TPLF with Ethiopian Community living in and around Havana and with members of the Founding Committee of the Ethio-Cuba Association. During the discussion, Ambassador Genet Teshome gave a wide-range of explanations about the peace agreement signed in […]

UNHCR, UNICEF Say Humanitarian Aid Arrive in Mekelle

The first delivery of humanitarian aid arrived in Tigray today since the peace agreement, according to tweets by UNICEF and UNHCR.   “The first delivery of humanitarian aid arrived in Tigray today since the peace agreement. This lifesaving support is critical for women and children,” UNICEF twitted.   UNICEF added that more supplies will be […]

Repatriating Citizens from Saudi Arabia Will Continue: Foreign Affairs State Minister

Repatriating of Ethiopians living under harsh situations in Saudi Arabia will continue in an intensified manner, State Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Birtukan Ayano said.   It is to be recalled that the government of Ethiopia established national repatriation committee for citizens from Saudi Arabia and other countries that comprised of members from 16 sector […]