Ethiopia Combatants Sign Deal to Start Implementing Truce

NAIROBI — The Ethiopian government and Tigray forces on Saturday signed an agreement laying out the roadmap for implementation of a peace deal that both sides reached in South Africa this month. Representatives from the Ethiopian government and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) have been meeting in Nairobi since Monday to reach agreement on […]

Africa Needs to Start to Own, Tell its Stories: Ethiopia’s Ambassador

We Africans need to start to own and tell our own stories, as Africa is a land of immense wonders and beauty, as well as the birthplace of humanity, Ethiopia’s Ambassador to Tanzania, Shibiru Mamo, said. The Ethiopian Embassy in Tanzania organized an online panel discussion under the theme: “Africa through the lens of a […]

The Government is working to ensure the peace agreement is implemented per agreed terms

The Government of Ethiopia is working to ensure the peace agreement signed in South Africa will be implemented according to the terms agreed upon. Accordingly, efforts are being made to deliver humanitarian assistance to most of the Tigray region which is under ENDF command. Basic services are slowly being restored in some areas. In other […]