Crime and terrorism thriving again in Afghanistan amid economic ruin, warns Kőrösi

Two-thirds of Afghans are going hungry, with girls’ education subject to “random edicts” of the Taliban, while crime and terrorism are thriving once more buoyed by a large spike in opium production, warned the President of the UN General Assembly on Thursday. Csaba Kőrösi painted a near apocalyptic picture of ordinary life in the Taliban-ruled nation that has […]

National Dialogue Commission, Civil Society Organizations Council Ink Partnership Agreement

The National Dialogue Commission and Ethiopian Civil Society Organizations Council have signed an agreement to work in collaboration. It is to be recalled that the government of Ethiopia has established a National Dialogue Commission aimed at resolving the various challenges in Ethiopia by creating national consensus among all segments of the society through dialogue. The […]

Ethio-Djibouti Railways To Begin Transporting Perishable Goods

Ethio-Djibouti Railways has announced that it is preparing to commence the transportation of perishable goods including fruits and vegetables that require refrigerated containers. Cargo transport provided by the Ethio-Djibouti Railways is preferable in terms of speed, price, and safety of goods when compared to truck transportations. For instance, it would take days to transport vehicles […]

Gov’t Exerting Efforts to Expedite Humanitarian Aid, Says Gov’t Communication Service

The Government of Ethiopia is working extensively to expedite the delivery of humanitarian aid to conflict affected areas in northern part of the country, according to the Government Communication Service. Some four committees have been established with a view to expediting the humanitarian aid delivery activities in the northern part of the country, Government Communication […]

Industry-Agriculture Linkage Vital to Transform Ethiopia’s Economy: Economic Experts

Strengthening the linkage between the agriculture and industry sectors is vital to accelerate Ethiopia’s transformation into industrialization, experts said. The Ethiopian Economic Association held discussion on financial liberalization and agriculture-industry linkages in Ethiopia today. Ethiopian Economic Association (EEA) CEO, Professor Mengistu Ketema told ENA that the linkage between the agriculture and industry sectors has been […]

Tigrayans in Addis Ababa Vow to Provide Support to Implementation of Peace Agreement

Tigrayans residing in Addis Ababa expressed commitment to contribute their role in support of realizing the recently peace agreement signed between the government and TPLF. The Tigrayans stated that peace is the foundation for everything. Meresa Kahsay, one of the residents said that the peace agreement will have significant importance in resolving problems through dialogue. […]