St Kitts and Nevis creates new opportunities for business by rooting out corruption

Basseterre, Nov. 09, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The new administration of St Kitts and Nevis is committed to rooting out corruption and providing fertile new ground for business with its Anti-Corruption Act.

The Prime Minister of St Kitts and Nevis, Terrance Micheal Drew is looking to unleash the full potential of the country through proactive policymaking, instilling good governance and eradicating corruption. In this way, the government sees the new Anti-Corruption Act as one step towards reactivating its infrastructural and social growth and building a more resilient and inclusive economy.

The proposed Act will enable the appointment of a Special Prosecutor who will examine and prosecute criminal acts of corruption in the civil services, statutory boards and government-owned companies.

St Kitts and Nevis’s anti-corruption efforts are thus an essential part of a broader plan to attract international business and investors to the country. The country’s focus on ensuring ease of business and eradicating corruption has, in particular, generated significant interest from West African investors who are eager to launch their businesses overseas.

The wider aim of the anti-corruption drive is to promote ease of business in the country, with St Kitts and Nevis inviting investors to be part of its economic development. The government under the leadership of Prime Minister Drew, is specifically focused on formulating policies that attract Foreign Direct Investments (FDIs) to the country.

While corruption is a global problem, the Corruption Perception Index (CPI) ranks sub-Saharan African as having notably high levels of perceived corruption. In West Africa, particularly Nigeria, corruption has become a massive obstacle to business, undermining public trust, distorting markets and increasing costs to firms.

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), a leading professional services network headquartered in London (UK), recently published a study indicating that Nigeria’s corruption could cost it up to 37% of its GDP by 2030 if it’s not dealt with immediately. The report further highlights the significant impact of corruption on Nigerians – including its wide-ranging effects on finance, business investment and standards of living.

All these difficulties are prompting West African investors to look further afield for business opportunities that offer safe and profitable returns. Many of these investors are turning to St Kitts and Nevis.

As an indicator of its commitment to citizens and investors, the government of St Kitts and Nevis is taking strict and serious action to ensure transparency in government. These measures and the general ease of doing business in the country are proving attractive to Nigerian investors who, facing a difficult situation at home, are looking to expand their horizons.

Meeting this interest is St Kitts and Nevis’s Citizenship by Investment Programme (CBI). For nearly four decades the programme has been inviting people to invest in the country as a route to gaining citizenship. Through an investment in the country’s Sustainable Growth Fund (SGF), investors are granted alternative citizenship, including the ability to conduct business freely in the country.

The CBI programme also helps investors to gain access to the world’s most exclusive markets, assisting with the expansion of business beyond national borders. Since St Kitts and Nevis is just a short flight away from the USA, citizens have the additional benefit of easy accessing the international community.

Alternative citizenship in St Kitts and Nevis is therefore becoming a crucial part of many individuals’ wealth diversification plans. Prospective Nigerian investors are viewing it as a means to preserve their wealth within an economically stable context, appreciating that St Kitts and Nevis’s economy is growing and free from the political and social conflicts that impact financial growth.

Along with a safe and corruption-free environment, St Kitts and Nevis offers a number of advantages to investors in its CBI programme. These include hassle-free global travel, citizenship for life which can also be passed on to future generations, a smooth and straightforward application process with the ability to add additional dependants to one application, possibilities for wealth diversification, and a host of new business opportunities.

Despite being the smallest country in the Western hemisphere, St Kitts and Nevis has been proving its potential to foreign investors. With a hospitality and service industry that has garnered international critical acclaim, the country also boasts one of the most robust and modernised public health infrastructures in the region.

St Kitts and Nevis’s education system now also offers advanced learning possibilities for all its citizens. This has proved a distinct benefit to investors, since the country allows investors the ability to pass their citizenship on to future generations. Thus investors and their families can enjoy the various rights and advantages open to those born in the country.

But it is not only Nigerians who have been thinking about personal wealth solutions in an unstable political and economic environment. Given the recent turmoil and instability of global markets, investors from around the world have been looking to St Kitts and Nevis’s CBI programme as a “Plan B” that can ensure financial and personal security.

Many investors have found that living in St Kitts and Nevis has had a positive impact on their mental health. Not only does the country provide its inhabitants with a tranquil environment of beaches and mountains to explore, but with the security and stability required to grow a business or provide for a family. As St Kitts and Nevis rolls out its good governance and transparency agenda, investors look on keenly to partake in its future.

PR St Kitts and Nevis
Government of St. Kitts and Nevis

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L’Indonésie en passe de devenir le centre mondial de l’économie de la charia

DUBAÏ, Émirats arabes unis, 9 novembre 2022 /PRNewswire/ — PT Bank Syariah Indonesia Tbk (BSI) a affirmé l’engagement de l’Indonésie à devenir l’un des centres de la finance islamique mondiale, à travers l’introduction de quatre programmes visant à renforcer cet écosystème en Indonésie et à l’étranger.

Vice President Ma'ruf Amin accompanied by President Director of Bank Syariah Indonesia Hery Gunardi (second right), Compliance & HR Director of Bank Mandiri Agus Dwi Handaya (left) and Principal Representative Office of BSI Dubai Dian Faqihdien Suzabar when visiting Dubai Representative Office of PT Bank Syariah Indonesia Tbk.

Le ministre des entreprises publiques, Erick Thohir, a dirigé la préparation par les ministères de quatre programmes phares pour former cet écosystème. Le premier est le développement du marché de l’industrie halal dans le pays et à l’étranger. Le deuxième est le développement de l’industrie financière de la charia. Le troisième est l’investissement amical impliquant des entrepreneurs locaux. Et le quatrième, la croissance continue de l’économie de la charia dans les zones rurales.

Reconnaissant le potentiel de l’économie de la charia en Indonésie, le ministre Erick Thohir a exprimé son désir que les Indonésiens ne soient pas seulement des consommateurs de produits halal importés, mais aussi des producteurs. « Nous devrions être les producteurs et un acteur mondial. Mais cela serait impossible sans un système financier solide fondé sur la charia », a déclaré Erick Thohir.

Selon le rapport sur les indicateurs de l’état de l’économie islamique mondiale (« The State of Global Islamic Economy »), l’Indonésie a continuellement affiché une croissance significative. En 2019, le pays figurait parmi les 10 premiers pays de l’économie de la charia dans le monde. En 2020, ce rang a été relevé, plaçant l’Indonésie dans les cinq premiers.

Erick Thohir a créé la holding de la banque charia de l’État, la PT Bank Syariah Indonesia (BSI). La BSI est le résultat de la fusion de trois banques charia, à savoir la BNI Syariah, la BRI Syariah et la Bank Syariah Mandiri, qui a été inaugurée le 1er février 2021. La BSI est la plus grande banque islamique et la 7e plus grande banque d’Indonésie.

Le vice-président de la République d’Indonésie Ma’ruf Amin a déclaré, « La BSI devrait pouvoir faire de l’Indonésie le centre de l’industrie de la charia et de l’écosystème halal mondial. » « Notre espoir est que la BSI joue ce rôle non seulement au niveau national, mais aussi au niveau mondial. Par analogie, les banques islamiques ne jouent plus seulement dans une petite piscine, mais sont capables de nager dans le vaste océan », a déclaré Ma’ruf Amin, lors d’une visite au bureau de représentation de la BSI à Dubaï, Émirats arabes unis, le 4 novembre 2022.

Hery Gunardi, président-directeur de la BSI, a déclaré que la banque s’engageait à soutenir pleinement toutes les initiatives visant à renforcer l’écosystème dans le but de devenir le centre de gravité mondial de l’économie de la charia. La BSI, a-t-il dit, n’a cessé de développer l’écosystème financier de la charia dans le pays.

« L’Indonésie a un grand potentiel dans l’industrie halal », a ajouté Hery Gunardi. En effet, plus de 229 millions de personnes sont musulmanes, ce qui représente 87,2 % de la population totale du pays. Le potentiel de l’industrie alimentaire halal s’élève à 164,76 milliards de dollars. D’autres secteurs potentiels sont l’habillement (20 milliards de dollars), les médias halal (9,52 milliards de dollars), le tourisme halal (10,48 milliards de dollars), l’industrie de la santé (4,76 milliards de dollars), les cosmétiques halal et le hajj et la oumra (3,81 milliards de dollars). D’autres activités liées à la charia, comme l’investissement, ont un potentiel d’environ 122,65 milliards de dollars.

La BSI a également commencé à s’implanter sur le marché mondial. L’une d’entre elles est située au Moyen-Orient dans le cadre de la coopération avec des conglomérats internationaux et des startups à Dubaï, aux Émirats arabes unis, ce qui marque également l’expansion de la plus grande banque islamique d’Indonésie sur la scène mondiale. Cette étape a permis d’accélérer la prise en compte de la BSI au sein de la communauté internationale en augmentant ses capacités, sa compétitivité et sa réputation. La présence de réseaux commerciaux à l’étranger permet à la BSI d’interagir directement avec des composantes importantes du secteur bancaire mondial.

Hery Gunardi espère que la BSI se rapprochera des investisseurs mondiaux afin que la société puisse contribuer davantage au soutien des programmes du gouvernement de la République d’Indonésie, à la fois en finançant des projets d’infrastructure et de développement par l’émission du fonds Global Sukuk et en soutenant le développement des MPME nationales.

La BSI a maintenu ses performances positives au troisième trimestre 2022, réalisant un bénéfice net de 218,36 millions de dollars, soit une croissance de 42 % (sur 12 mois). Ces performances ont également été soutenues par la confiance du public, comme le prouve la hausse de 11,86 % des fonds de tiers qui ont atteint 16,68 milliards de dollars.

Le secteur du financement a également connu une croissance significative. Le financement de la BSI dans son ensemble a enregistré 13,59 milliards de dollars, soit une croissance de 22,35 %. Par segments, c’est le micro-financement qui a le plus contribué avec 37,32 %. Le financement à la consommation a augmenté de 25,26 %, le financement de gros de 21,79 %, le financement par cartes de crédit de 35,81 % et le prêt sur gage d’or de 30,15 %. De plus, le financement non performant (FNP) net n’était que de 0,43 %.

La croissance de 11,53 % des actifs témoigne également de performances solides et saines. La BSI s’est également efforcée d’optimiser ses coûts, comme en témoigne le meilleur ratio BOPO de 74,02 %. Jusqu’en septembre 2022, on comptait déjà 4,44 millions d’utilisateurs de BSI Mobile, en hausse de 43 % par an. D’après les profils des clients de la BSI, 97 % d’entre eux ont adopté le canal électronique pour leurs activités bancaires. Les transactions cumulées de BSI Mobile ont atteint 187,20 millions de transactions.

Le financement durable a atteint 3,47 milliards de dollars, soit 25,54 % du financement total de la BSI. « La promotion du financement durable est l’un de nos engagements dans le cadre de nos responsabilités sociales et environnementales dans diverses régions du pays, ainsi que notre soutien à la présidence indonésienne du G20 », a ajouté Hery Gunardi.

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Morrow Sodali Fortalece sua Posição de Liderança no Mercado com a Nova Aquisição Australiana

Aquisição das principais comunicações financeiras australianas e do player de relações com investidores, a Citadel-MAGNUS impulsionará o rápido crescimento e a expansão significativa

NOVA YORK, Nov. 09, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Morrow Sodali, empresa líder mundial em engajamento de acionistas e assessoria em governança, anunciou hoje a aquisição da agência australiana de comunicação financeira e relações com investidores, Citadel-MAGNUS, a primeira desde que a TPG Growth garantiu a participação majoritária em abril deste ano.

A aquisição sediada na Austrália representa uma expansão significativa da oferta de serviços da Morrow Sodali na região da APAC, para atender à demanda global de rápido crescimento de corporações para comunicações estratégicas e serviços de engajamento com investidores.

A combinação da Morrow Sodali e da Citadel-MAGNUS traz junto duas consultorias de confiança e líderes de mercado para oferecer o melhor aconselhamento estratégico da categoria e suporte aos nossos clientes. A Citadel-MAGNUS estará completamente integrada na Morrow Sodali, permitindo à firma fornecer uma oferta contínua e a mais ampla suíte de relações com investidores e soluções de comunicação para empresas listadas e privadas, com o objetivo de implementar os serviços expandidos a outros mercados.

A aquisição marca um significativo passo adiante na estratégia da Morrow Sodali de acelerar seu crescimento investindo em serviços que criam valor para seus clientes ao redor do mundo.

Alvise Recchi, CEO da Morrow Sodali, comentou: “Como parte da estratégia de crescimento global estratégico da Morrow Sodali, a adição da Citadel-MAGNUS expandirá nossa oferta de serviços para abranger um conjunto mais amplo de serviços de assessoria de Conselho, Diretoria Executiva e ESG, Relações com Investidores e Comunicações Financeiras. Estamos entusiasmados para ver o potencial desta oportunidade emocionante concretizado, à medida que continuamos a crescer em novos mercados em todo o mundo.”

Christian Sealey, CEO de Negócios Internacionais da Morrow Sodali, acrescentou: “Cada vez mais, nossos clientes estão vindo até nós em busca de aconselhamento e assistência em uma grande variedade de áreas que abrangem comunicação com os acionistas, engajamento de stakeholders, inteligência do mercado de capitais, governança corporativa e consultoria ESG. A aquisição da Citadel-MAGNUS nos permite fornecer soluções estratégicas para nossos clientes e nos posiciona de modo singular, para nos tornarmos o parceiro de confiança permanentemente escolhido.”

Peter Brookes, Diretor Geral Conjunto da Citadel-MAGNUS, afirmou: “Nossa equipe está entusiasmada em unir forças com a Morrow Sodali. Estamos vendo uma necessidade crescente de fornecer aos clientes uma oferta de ponta-a-ponta em todo o calendário financeiro e uma atividade direcionada por eventos cada vez mais complexos, onde a boa comunicação é fundamental. A combinação de nossas firmas reúne duas empresas de consultoria líderes e confiáveis, profundamente integradas à Austrália corporativa e que compartilham um forte foco na entrega de serviço excepcional ao cliente.”

Sobre a Morrow Sodali

Morrow Sodali é uma empresa global de consultoria corporativa que oferece consultoria e serviços abrangentes relacionados à governança corporativa, ESG, sustentabilidade, solicitação de procuração, inteligência dos mercados de capitais, engajamento de acionistas e detentores de títulos, fusões e aquisições, ativismo e situações contestadas.

Com sede em Nova York e Londres e escritórios nos mercados de capitais globais, a Morrow Sodali atende a mais de 1.000 clientes, em mais de 80 países, incluindo muitas das maiores corporações multinacionais do mundo. Os clientes incluem empresas listadas em bolsa e privadas, grupos de fundos mútuos, bolsas de valores e organizações de associação por inscrição.

Em 2022, a Morrow Sodali está comemorando seu 50o aniversário, e também garantiu um investimento majoritário da TPG Growth, a plataforma de middle market e de capital de crescimento da empresa de ativos alternativos TPG. Esta parceria promoverá significativamente a missão da empresa de fornecer a clientes em todo o mundo aconselhamento estratégico incomparável e suporte abrangente, permitindo que maximizem o valor e gerenciem habilmente as relações com acionistas.

Para obter mais informações sobre a Morrow Sodali, visite

Sobre a Citadel-MAGNUS

A Citadel-MAGNUS é uma empresa líder em comunicação corporativa e financeira, com escritórios em Sydney e Perth, atendendo clientes em toda a Austrália e internacionalmente.

Estabelecemos a reputação de entregar resultados excepcionais para nossos clientes por meio de relacionamentos confiáveis, integridade e excelência profissional. Nossa prioridade é apoiar os objetivos de negócios de nossos clientes por meio de uma comunicação eficaz e um nível superior de serviço.

A Citadel-MAGNUS traz uma profundidade incomparável de mercados financeiros, experiência corporativa e de mídia para ajudar as empresas a resolver os desafios atuais de um ambiente de negócios altamente competitivo e em constante mudança. Trabalhamos com empresas de todos os setores e de todos os portes, e nosso sucesso levou a parcerias estabelecidas e de longo prazo com líderes empresariais e empresas.

Para mais informações, acesse


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Diretora Corporativa, Marketing

+44 (0)20 4513 6913

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‘Ethiopian Day’ to be Celebrated in UAE

Ethiopian Embassy in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in collaboration with the Ethiopian community is finalizing preparations to celebrate the annual ‘Ethiopian Day’ colorfully in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, on November 19, 2022.

‘Ethiopian Day’ is a grand event that thousands of Ethiopians get together to strengthen their unity among themselves and to create an opportunity to showcase the Ethiopian culture.

Ethiopian Ambassador to the UAE, Suleiman Dedefo, commended Ethiopians living in the UAE for their active participation in various national development initiatives, including their financial and intellectual contributions.

This year’s Ethiopia Day will be celebrated after a peace agreement has been signed between the Federal Government of Ethiopia and the TPLF to end the conflict in Northern Ethiopia and to resolve issues by negotiations.

Ambassador Suleiman said the event serves as an opportunity to recall Ethiopians living in the UAE to continue playing a constructive role in promoting peace in Ethiopia and supporting in the recovery of areas affected by the conflict.

The Ethiopian Day will be celebrated with various events, including cultural and music shows as well as briefings and panel discussions on current issues.

According to Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UAE is one of the countries where a large number of Ethiopians live and work in business, services, and domestic work.


Source: Ethiopia News Agency

Ethiopian Investment Commission Commissioner, Lelise Neme held discussion with the Ambassador of Saudi Arabia to Ethiopia, Dr. Fahad Alhumaydani today.

The two sides had a productive discussion on bilateral economic cooperation of the two countries, according to Ethiopian Investment Commission.

During the meeting, they agreed to strengthen business and investment partnerships between Ethiopia and Saudi Arabia.

The relationship between Ethiopia and Saudi Arabia is long-standing, historic which has been firmly established by people-to-people ties over the centuries, according to information obtained from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The solid foundation of bilateral relationship and partnership was laid with the First Hijra in the 7th century when Ethiopia welcomed the followers of the Prophet Mohammed by providing sanctuary and hospitality.


Source: Ethiopia News Agency

National Committee to Resume Repatriation of Citizens from Saudi Arabia

National Committee of Repatriation of Citizens from Saudi Arabia and other Countries announced that the repatriation of citizens from Saudi Arabia will resume in two weeks.

The National Committee members from 16 sector offices have convened on Tuesday to discuss on the preparations to resume repatriation of Ethiopians from Saudi Arabia.

The meeting also overviewed the progresses that have been achieved so far, according to Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

During the discussion, State Minister of Foreign Affairs and Head of the National Committee, Ambassador Birtukan Ayano reaffirmed government’s unwavering commitment to repatriate its citizens.

The state Minister mentioned that provisional shelters for repatriates have already been arranged.

She also underlined the need for Federal and Regional organs assigned to the mission work in a concerted manner to achieve national targets set by the National Committee.

The previous round of repatriation has achieved 70 percent of the target by repatriating 71,697 citizens in 198 flights.

The target was to repatriate 102,000 citizens from Saudi Arabia. Preparations will be resumed over the coming two weeks to repatriate the remaining 30,303 citizens.


Source: Ethiopia News Agency

Ethiopia Working to Further Revitalize Partnership With Int’l Community

Ethiopia is working to further revitalize its partnership with the international community, Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.

Briefing the media today, Foreign Affairs Spokesperson, Meles Alem said that in the field of diplomacy, a concerted effort will be made by the ministry and missions to create an opportunity for Ethiopia to move past the phase that existed during the war and work with a new spirit, cooperation, and respect.

“Our differences with certain countries and organizations related to the conflict are a thing of the past, so we are working to strengthen our relationship with the international community,” he pointed out.

On other hand, he stated that, different countries, international and continental organizations as well as international financial institutions have been welcoming the peace agreement reached between the government and TPLF to end the conflict.

The international community is pledging commitment to provide the necessary support in order to help the effective implementation of the peace agreement.

The friends and partners of Ethiopia have also been expressing support to reconstruct areas affected by the war and resettle the displaced persons as well as to return the TPLF combatants to a peaceful life, according to Meles.

He explained that the meeting of the Ethiopian National Defense Force and TPLF commanders in Nairobi, Kenya is considered as good start.

The Spokesperson urged the diaspora community to preach unity instead of differences, as a patriot of peace in order to heal the wounds of the people underlining the need to bring the displaced people to a normal life.

“We encourage the diaspora community to work together for recovery and development efforts,” he added.

This peace agreement opened new chapter, he said, calling all Ethiopians to play their role for its successful implementation.

According to Meles, Ethiopia’s insistence and strong commitment on finding an African solution to the issue has brought significant results.

Speaking on the diplomatic activities, Meles said, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is participating in COP27 summit being held in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt and he has discussed with the leaders of various countries and the heads of international institutions at sidelines of the summit.


Source: Ethiopia News Agency