Peace Agreement Embodies Diplomatic Victory for Ethiopia, Africa: Ethiopia’s Ambassador to Qatar

The peace agreement signed between the Ethiopian Peace Talks Delegation and the Tigray Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF) embodies diplomatic victory for Ethiopia and Africa, according to Ethiopia’s Ambassador to Qatar. Speaking to ENA today, Ambassador Feisel Aliyi Abrahim said the peace agreement is a historic milestone which shows that Ethiopians choose peace and negotiation over […]

Obasanjo Says Implementing Peace Deal Requires Dexterity, Statesmanship and Patriotism

The implementation of the peace agreement signed between the Ethiopian government and TPLF requires much dexterity, statesmanship, leadership, and patriotism, AU High Representative for the Horn of Africa Olusegun Obasanjo said. The AU High Representative told Ethiopian News Agency that “the implementation of the  peace agreement will require as much dexterity, statesmanship, leadership, patriotism and […]

AU Initiated Peace Agreement Exemplary to Africans, Says Pan-Africanist American Editor

The peace agreement signed between the Federal Government of Ethiopia and TPLF is exemplary to Africans in their bid to solve African problems with African solutions, the American Editor and Publisher of Pan-African News Wire Abayomi Azikiwe said. In an exclusive interview with ENA, Azikiwe stated that it was great that the African Union took […]

It is Now Time to Invest in Ethiopia

Over the week, the third UK-Ethiopia Trade and Investment Forum was held in London, United Kingdom. The forum which was co-organized by the Ethiopian Embassy in London, WAFA Marketing and promotion and Digital Marketing Association (DMA), the third UK-Ethiopia Trade aimed at promoting the lucrative investment opportunities in Ethiopia and serving as a venue for […]