West Should Stop Supporting Lawless TPLF, Says Prominent Artist

TPLF is the cause of every evil in Ethiopia and Westerners should stop supporting the lawless group as the time to dehumanize Africa has long gone, the prominent artist Debebe Eshetu said.   Speaking at the rally held at Meskel Square today, he stated that TPLF has been a belligerent group for the past 50 […]

Abiy Inaugurates School Built with Proceeds from Book in Jimma Zone

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has inaugurated a school built by the Office of the First Lady in Ako town in Jimma zone today.   The premier arrived early this morning at Jimma city accompanied with First Lady Zinash Tayachew, Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Demeke Mekonen, Chief Administrator of Oromia region, Shimelis Abdissa, and […]

Ethiopians Express Support to ENDF, National Sovereignty

Residents of Jigjiga, Gambela, Semera, Dire Dawa and Harar have staged rallies to support the measures being taken by the Ethiopian National Defense Force to deter the war ignited by the terrorist TPLF by rejecting the repeated peace talks. Demonstrators expressed their anger that it is the terrorist TPLF which is the cause of the […]

Foreign National Describes Mammoth Rally as Exemplary Resistance to Westerner’s Interference

A foreign national who attended the massive demonstration at Addis Ababa today described it as exemplary resistance to the West’s repeated interference in the domestic affairs of Ethiopia.   Ethiopians, at home and abroad are denouncing Westerner’s interference in the country’s internal affairs.   In today’s massive protest here in the capital Addis Ababa, the […]

EU, US Support TPLF’s Claims To Maintain Partnership: Italian Journalist

The EU and US are now trying to support TPLF’s claims as a way to maintain their long standing partnership, Italian journalist Francesca Ronchin said.   Talking to ENA, the independent TV and print journalist Ronchin said the EU and US diplomats and authorities seem to be strenuously walking in the same path they have […]