Premier Visits Abbay River Bridge Project in Bahir Dar

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, who is in Bahir Dar to attend the 10th Tana High-Level Forum, visited the ongoing construction of Abay River Bridge Project. The premier visited the ongoing construction in Bahir Dar  on the sideline to the Tana High Level Forum. Upon completion, the 1.4 billion USD cable stayed bridge, spanning  380 meters, […]

Ethiopia Working to Strengthen its Bilateral, Multilateral Cooperation With China

Ethiopia is rigorously working to bolster its multifaceted bilateral and multilateral partnerships with China, Ethiopian Ambassador to China, Teshome Toga said. In an exclusive interview with ENA, Ambassador Teshome Toga said bilateral relations between Ethiopia and China are broadening and strengthening in many areas of cooperation, which dates back more than half a century. Mentioning […]

PM Abiy Stresses Need for Proactively Planning, Developing Innovative African-Led Solutions

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said that building a resilient Africa implies not only withstanding unexpected shocks but also proactively planning and developing innovative homegrown African-led solutions. The prime minister presided over the opening ceremony of the 10th– Round  Tana  High Level Forum held in Bahir Dar which brought together diverse participants from different countries, it was […]

African Media Urged to Tell Progressive Stories, Sell Africa’s Vision Better

The African media have to be more proactive to tell progressive stories and sell Africa’s vision better than focus on the challenges, African Union Commission (AUC) Communication Advisor told ENA. AUC Communication Advisor, Doreen Apollos said the African media has to be more proactive to tell progressive stories and sell Africa’s vision better than the […]