UN chief welcomes release of Ethiopia’s political prisoners

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres welcomed the release from prison in Ethiopia of numerous detainees, including key opposition figures.   Details of the release were not immediately available. But it coincided with efforts to open dialogue between the government and rebels in northern Ethiopia leading up to Orthodox Christmas.   “I call upon the parties to […]

Ethiopia announces pardons for high-profile political prisoners

The Ethiopian government has announced it would pardon and release some of the country’s most high-profile political detainees, including opposition figure Jawar Mohammed and senior Tigray party officials.   The announcement came after Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed issued a statement calling for “national reconciliation” as Ethiopia celebrated Orthodox Christmas.   It listed several leading members […]

Airstrike in Ethiopia’s Tigray Reportedly Kills 56 People

ADDIS ABABA — Aid workers and eyewitnesses are telling media an airstrike in Ethiopia’s northern Tigray region has killed more than 50 people. The Reuters news agency reports at least 30 others have been wounded after a camp for the internally displaced was hit Friday night.   An airstrike in Ethiopia’s Tigray region reportedly killed […]

Undue Pressure on Ethiopia Aims to Dictate Democratically Elected Government

The pressure put on Ethiopia by some Western countries results from their ambition of instituting a government based on their dictation, a retired UN official, Dr Bisrat Aklilu said.   In an exclusive interview with ENA, Dr. Bisrat said some western nations don’t believe in the aspiration of independent countries like Ethiopia which will have […]

Ethiopia at the Glance of 2021: Under Immense Int’l Attacks

The over-ended year 2021 was a critical year for Ethiopia. The country was clearly going under immense attacks by the international community particularly, the United States and some of its Western allies. Following the terrorist TPLF  surprise attacks launched in the dark of November 4, 2020 against the Northern Command of the National Defense Force, […]