Sudan says ‘several’ troops killed by Ethiopian forces

Sudan’s army said Saturday “several” soldiers had been killed in an attack by armed groups and militias linked to the Ethiopian military in a disputed fertile border region. Relations between Khartoum and Addis Ababa have soured over Al-Fashaqa, a border zone long cultivated by Ethiopian farmers but claimed by Sudan. “Our forces tasked with securing […]

Tens of Thousands to March in Washington to Denounce US Pressure against Ethiopia

Tens of thousands of people will march in Washington DC on Sunday in order to denounce unreasonable pressure of US administration against Ethiopia. This demonstration, which is part of the popular “#No More” campaign by Ethiopian Diaspora and friends of Ethiopia, will be hosted in front of White House, according to information obtained by ENA from Peace […]

State Minister Stresses Need to Consider Ethiopia’s Current Situations in Diplomatic Works

State Minister of Foreign Affairs Ambassador Redwan Hussien reiterated the importance of considering the country’s current situations in carrying out diplomatic works. The annual meeting of Ethiopian ambassadors and mission leaders concluded on Saturday, according to Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In their three day meeting the Ethiopian ambassadors and mission leaders have assessed their performance […]

Ministry Removes Eleni Gebremedhin from Membership of Independent Economic Adviser

Ministry of Planning and Development (MoPD) has removed Eleni Gebremedhin from her position as Independent Economic Adviser for her involvement on a meeting held to discuss the formation of a Transitional Government against a legitimate Government of Ethiopia elected by the people. Following the decision of the Independent Council of Economic Advisory (ICEA) as well […]

Ethiopian Diaspora in Korea, Ireland Protest against Unjust U.S Intervention in Ethiopia

Members of the Ethiopian Diaspora residing in South Korea and Ireland have joined the ‘#NoMore’ movement and protested against the unwarranted U.S interference in Ethiopia’s internal affairs. Following the massive waves of protest across the world against the U.S and some western countries intervention in the internal affairs of Ethiopia in collaboration with internal traitors, […]

Massive Victory Started to Unfold in the First Leg of PM Abiy at the Battle Front

Pursuant to his promise to lead the people’s war against terrorist TPLF and its lackeys right from the battle front, Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed, the Commander in Chief of the National Armed Forces of Ethiopia is leading a battle to ascertain the peace, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ethiopia and to set an example […]

Israel to Allow 3,000 Ethiopian Jews to Immigrate

JERUSALEM — Israel’s government on Sunday approved the immigration of several thousand Jews from war-torn Ethiopia, some of whom have waited for decades to join their relatives in Israel. The decision took a step toward resolving an issue that has long complicated the government’s relations with the country’s Ethiopian community. Some 140,000 Ethiopian Jews live in […]