South West Ethiopia Peoples Region Officially Established

South West Ethiopia Peoples Regional State officially formed today in the presence of higher federal and regional government officials. The official inauguration ceremony of  Regional State formation is being held in Bonga town. During the occasion, the regional council unanimously approved draft constitution of the region. The council elected Negash Wagesho as chief administrator for […]

African Leaders Must Say No to Neo-colonialism, Support Ethiopia: Scholar

African leaders have to rise up and stand alongside Ethiopia as the country is fighting a historic continental war saying no to neo-colonialism, a scholar said. In an exclusive interview with ENA, the historian Tsegaye Tadesse said the ambition of neo-colonialists is to partition Africa in “the name of humanitarian aid.” The unwarranted pressure on […]

Western Power Targeting Ethiopia For Its Importance to African Resistance: Pan-Africanist

Ethiopia has been targeted by Western powers due to its importance to African resistance, neo-colonialism and imperialism, Ugandan Pan-Africanist Matua Job Richard said. The Pan-Africanist Richard further urged African countries to stand alongside Ethiopia at this critical time. Currently Ethiopia is fighting an African war, war that can change Africa, the Pan-Africanist told  ENA. He stressed that […]

Haile Gebresilassie Says Western Intervention Wake-Up Call to Resist Neocolonialism

The world-renowned Ethiopian athlete Haile Gebresilassie has described the ongoing Western intervention is a wake-up call for all to resist neocolonialism. In an exclusive interview with Ethiopian News Agency, Haile said the United States and its  allies have been meddling in the domestic affairs of Ethiopia by intensifying their unhelpful pressure. The current pressure on […]

Intellectual property and Technology Transfer Training Conducted

Training on intellectual property and technology transfer in Ethiopia conducted at Haramaya University from November 15 to 16, 2021 at the University’s Resource Center CBE Computer Room. The University-Industry Linkage and Entrepreneurship Development Directorate in collaboration with the Ethiopian Intellectual Property Authority (EIPA) conducted a two-day awareness creation training on intellectual property and technology transfer. […]

Ethiopian PM To Lead Frontline Combat Against Rebel Forces

Ethiopian Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed, yesterday announced his decision to lead frontline combat, as of today, against rebel forces, amid expanding conflict in the northern part of the country. Ahmed called on “all patriotic Ethiopians” to join him in frontline combat, against forces loyal to the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). “The time necessitates leading […]

Report: China Using Forced Uyghur Labor, Exploiting Complex Supply Chain

WASHINGTON — More than a hundred international brands are “at risk” of selling cotton products related to Uyghur forced labor in China’s Xinjiang region because of the way China’s cotton industry “obscures” where the cotton actually comes from, according to a November 2021 report. The report, Laundering Cotton, How Xinjiang Cotton Obscured In International Supply Chains, […]