MISE À JOUR — Le Rapport sur la sécurité 2021 de Sphera révèle que l’écart entre l’intention et la mise en œuvre des processus de sécurité au travail persiste

Les données du nouveau Rapport sur la sécurité de Sphera révèlent que même si la sécurité fait partie de leur culture, les entreprises ne disposent pas d’une feuille de route bien définie pour mettre en œuvre des mesures d’amélioration de la sécurité. CHICAGO, 29 oct. 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Alors que la plupart des entreprises […]

How Can Human Rights Violations be Investigated Virtually from Remote?

A couple of days back Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia Demeke Mekonnen has disclosed that Ethiopian upholds an irreversible stand on ensuring accountability on those suspected of violations of human rights. This was disclosed on a meeting held in the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister between EU Commissioner for […]

Ethiopian Launches First Sea-Air Cargo

The first Sea-Air Cargo Operation that discharges 17 tons of electeonic and home appliances from Shenzen to Lagos & Kano in Nigeria via Djibouti is launched yesterday. According to Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the first Sea-Air Cargo Operation was launched  with the presence of the Chairperson of Djibouti Ports and Free zone Authority, Aboubaker Omar […]

Ethiopia’s Open Up to New Telecom Operators Enhances Digital Economy: Officials

Ethiopia’s opening up of telecommunication industry for new telecom service operators will facilitate its digital transformation efforts and attract related businesses, Innovation and Technology Digital Transformation Program Director Abiyot Bayou said. Following Ethiopia’s telecom liberalization move, the global consortium made up of Safaricom, Vodafone, Japan’s Sumitomo, and UK finance agency CDC Group was awarded telecom […]

Coups in Africa Manifestations of Increasing Foreign Intervention

The increasing military coups in Africa are manifestations of the ever-increasing foreign intervention in the continent, according to an Ethiopian political scientist and international relations expert. There have been over 200 coup d’etat in post-colonial Africa and 16 of these took place in neighboring Sudan. In an exclusive interview with ENA, Political scientist and international […]

Sanctioning Ethiopia Not Only Unjustifiable, But Also Illegal: Int’l Security Expert

Imposing sanction on the Ethiopia is not only unjustifiable but also illegal and illegitimate, Legal and International Security Expert Blen Mamo said. The expert residing in London told Oromia Broadcasting Network (OBN) that the level of threat Americans has been facing by the economic and military strength of the Chinese makes them  take aggressive measures […]

Westerners Urged to Refrain from Siding with Terrorist Organization

Western powers need to be impartial about the situation in Ethiopia rather than siding with the terrorist organization TPLF, Vice presidents of Mizan Tepi and Wollega universities told ENA. Mizan Tepi University Academic Vice President, Kasahun Mulatu said Western powers should impartially assess the situation in Ethiopia and understand the reality on the ground rather […]