Laurent Gbagbo Launches New Political Party in Ivory Coast

Former Ivorian president Laurent Gbagbo launched a new political party Saturday, formally breaking ties with those who ran his previous party while he spent years facing war crimes charges at the International Criminal Court.   Gbagbo, 76, who returned home in June after his acquittal was upheld, announced a few months later that he would […]

Eswatini Shuts Schools Amid New Wave of Protests

Eswatini, Africa’s last absolute monarchy, said Saturday it had shut its schools “indefinitely with immediate effect” as the country faces a wave of pro-democracy protests.   Students of the tiny, landlocked nation formerly known as Swaziland have been protesting for a number of weeks, boycotting lessons and calling for free schooling, as well as an […]

Macron Condemns 1961 ‘Inexcusable’ Paris Massacre of Algerians

French President Emmanuel Macron on Saturday condemned as “inexcusable” a deadly crackdown by Paris police on a 1961 protest by Algerians whose scale was covered up for decades, disappointing activists who hoped for an even stronger recognition of responsibility.   Macron told relatives of victims on the 60th anniversary of the bloodshed that crimes were […]

UN Chief Calls for Stronger Steps to Combat World Hunger

Marking World Food Day, the United Nations is warning the fight against world hunger is being lost and calling for action to improve food security for the world’s most vulnerable people.   In his message marking World Food Day (Oct. 16), United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres called for vigorous action and investments in strengthening […]

Africa Has Mechanisms to Solve Conflicts Without Foreign Interference: Gambian Minister

African countries have their own means and mechanisms that enable them to solve conflicts without foreign interference, Gambian Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Minister Mamadou Tangara noted.   In an exclusive interview with Ethiopian News Agency (ENA), Tangara said Africans have the traditional means to solve conflicts. Therefore, it is important to find African solutions […]

Food Experts in Uganda Say They Want Farmers’ Opinions Before Introducing Innovations

As climate change continues to hit farmers because of erratic weather conditions, researchers believe there is a need to not only improve agricultural innovation but seek farmers’ opinions before introducing new farming methods.   Hadijah Naigaga has been a banana farmer for over 10 years. With Uganda experiencing erratic rainfall in some parts of the […]

Bread, Flour Factory Built by First Lady’s Office in Capital Inaugurated

A bread factory built in Addis Ababa by the First Lady’s Office was inaugurated today. The bread factory that rests on 6,000 Meter Squares of land consumed 217 million Birr for the construction.   The factory, located at Lemi Kura Sub City in the outskirts of Addis Ababa, has a capacity of baking one million […]

Arab League Can Draw Economic Benefits by Strengthening Relations with Ethiopia: Researcher Should Tighten Relations for Mutual Economic Benefits: Researcher

Arab League member countries could receive economic benefits by strengthening their relationship with Ethiopia and exploring investment opportunities across the country, the prominent researcher Professor Adam Kamil said.   In an exclusive interview with ENA, the researcher identified vital areas of cooperation that could be exploited in Ethiopia for mutual economic benefits.   Professor Adam, […]