Nation Needs to Shape Diplomacy in Congruence with Int’l Situation: Former UN Diplomat

Ethiopia’s diplomatic approach must be geared toward the existing reality in the world which is witnessing fierce fight among world powers to gain supremacy, former United Nations senior official Tegegnework Getu said.

In his lecture to the staff and diplomats of Ministry of Foreign Affairs today, the senior diplomat focused on how to protect the interests of Ethiopia by taking into account factors shaping international institutions and within the framework of the African Union.

Tegegnework highlighted international and current affairs that are shaping relationships among countries today where Ethiopia is expected to play its role discreetly to protect its interests.

Noting that the fight to get international influence by the world powers has become fiercer, he said such a wrangle is expected to continue as the United Nations is now dominated by these few world powers more than ever.

The former senior UN official further stressed the need for Ethiopia to follow a knowledge-led diplomatic approach that is based on analyses of current international affairs, particularly by looking closely into new development and activities in neighboring countries and the Middle East region.

Ethiopia should strive hard to repel all foreign meddling in its internal affairs by intensifying diplomatic activities, Tegegnework advised.

The former UN official urged Ethiopian diplomats to give the utmost attention to tackling the dissemination of fake information and economic sabotages.

Permanent Representative of Ethiopia to the African Union and UNECA, Ambassador Tesfaye Yilma on his part, underscored the need for cementing ties with the African Union and supporting the Union out of mutual respect and protection of interests.

He also stressed the importance of enhancing regional integration among African countries, noting that Ethiopia should play big role in this regard by actively participating in continental and regional blocs.

According to him, Ethiopia has to intensify its activities in the African Union with a view to ensuring its national interests.

Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Ethiopia, Demeke Mekonnen and State Minister Birtukan Ayano attended the morning session.



Source: Ethiopia News Agency

Refugee, Returnees Service Hosting 244 Eritreans That Escaped Abduction, Killing of Terrorist TPLF

Refugee and Returnees Service (RRS) is hosting 244 refugees who had escaped abduction and killing by the TPLF terrorist group at a temporary shelter in Dabat.

The Refugee and Returnee Service is hosting 244 refugees who escaped abduction and killing by the TPLF terrorist group at a temporary shelter in Dabat town of Amhara regional state.

Refugee and Returnee Service Interim Coordinator of Maitsebri Refugee Camp, Sintayehu Berihun told ENA that the current status of 25,000 Eritrean refugees in Adi-Harush and Mai-Aini temporary refugee shelters is unknown.

Following the attack of the terrorist group on the shelters, the refugees had scattered and some of them were begging for help, he revealed.

The refugees were not also receiving medical treatment and some of them had been abducted by the terrorist group, he quoted sources as saying.

In the two shelters where the Eritrean refugees lived, TPLF had installed cannons and other heavy weaponry and forced the refugees to move the weapons around.

To partly solve the problem of refugees, 40 condominiums are being built at a cost of 40 million Birr near Dabat town of North Gondar Zone, the interim coordinator disclosed.

The construction was in response to repeated requests from refugees fleeing the atrocities of the terrorist group, he added.

The condos will accommodate 100 refugees each, he said, adding that 15 of the condominiums are nearing completion.

The agency is also planning to build 100 refugee camps this Ethiopian year to receive 10,000 refugees.



Source: Ethiopia News Agency

Ethiopia Gives Priority to African Agenda, Cooperation Among Countries

The Government of Ethiopia will give priority to the successful realization of African agenda, a senior official of Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.

In an exclusive interview he held with ENA in connection with the 39th Ordinary Session of the Executive Council of the African Union, Protocol Affairs Director-General Feysel Aliy stated that the necessary preparations for the Councils of African Foreign Ministers meeting have been finalized.

The opportunity given to Ethiopia to host this important meeting signifies the country’s priority for African agenda, he said, adding that Ethiopia will continue its effort for the success of the continent.

He also pointed out that the meeting of African Foreign Affairs in Addis Ababa will play significant role in building Ethiopia’s image.

The director-general said Ethiopia has been pioneer in promoting the idea of addressing the  problems of African by Africans, adding that the country will continue with its critical role in the affairs of African agenda.

This is one of the mechanisms by which Ethiopia enhances its longstanding bilateral cooperation with African countries, according to Feysel.

African Ministers of Foreign Affairs are arriving at Addis Ababa to partake in the 39th Ordinary Session of the Executive Council of the African Union that is expected to kick off tomorrow.

More than 34 foreign affairs ministers are expected to partake in the meeting.



Source: Ethiopia News Agency