Witnessing Final Phase of GERD Great Victory for Ethiopians: Members of Diaspora

Members of the Diaspora community have expressed their happiness to see the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) being in its final phase to be completed by the sweat of Ethiopians.
Approached by ENA, members of the Diaspora who were visited GERD yesterday have praised the priceless efforts of Ethiopians to realize the GERD which becomes the symbol of national unity and aspiration of economic growth.

Michael Getaneh from California said “This may possible through the blood, tears, and sweat of ordinary Ethiopians that are working day and night to make it happen. This is for our future, for our children`s future”.

This is a major project and once it becomes to its completion, the rest of Africa will follow the footstep of Ethiopia as it is a huge project, Michael noted.

Serkaddis Zena for her part said Abbay is a crucial resource for Ethiopia in particular and for neighboring countries in general.

“Abbay is for all of us. For all us Ethiopians as well as for our neighboring countries,” she affirmed.

Mulugeta Mihret from Los Angeles said “I am blessed to see this mega project being in its final phase to be completed which is really a great victory for us. But, those people who are against us forcing us not to build this dam have been scratching every doors not to disrupt the accomplishment of  this project. But Ethiopians with great will and ambition are about to see the fruit of this dam and I am really happy”.

He urged all people in the Diaspora to come and visit the dam and support for its realization. He added, “Together, we can finish this project in short period of time”.

Similarly, Martha Gebresilassie from Maryland, urged the youth in the Diaspora to intensify its participation to support the construction of GERD and be part of this historic project and contribute their parts in any means.

“I am calling the Ethiopian Diaspora especially the youth are not engaging enough. We need you guys and this is your home and ancestors` land even though you were born in different countries around the globe,” she pointed out.

GERD, which is being built on the Blue Nile (Abbay), is served as a patriotic aspiration and national pride, drawing all walks of life together for its completion.


Source: Ethiopia News Agency